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Cos Europeu de Solidaritat (CES)


  • Dirigit als joves que participen de forma individual o de forma conjunta en activitats no lucratives i no remunerades en un país diferent del de la seua residència.
  • El voluntariat internacional s'estableix com un mecanisme per a la promoció i la coordinació dels valors de la solidaritat, l'acció cívica i la responsabilitat social dels estudiants de la nostra universitat i també com una eina per a l'educació i la formació complementària de l'educació que reben els estudiants.
  • Aquest objectiu del programa és facilitar la participació activa dels estudiants en la societat civil, la promoció de l'aprenentatge col·lectiu i el coneixement i l'acceptació de les diferents realitats


  • Proporcionar a l'alumnat criteris de solidaritat, tolerància, compromís i respecte.
  • Promoure la reflexió i l'esperit crític.
  • Promoure el treball en equip i potenciar els mecanismes per a la solució de conflictes i l'elaboració de solucions constructives.
  • Promoure la formació personal i professional de l'alumnat a través de la participació solidària dels estudiants

¿Com s'hi pot participar?

  • Si tens entre 18 i 30 anys i interès a viure una experiència com a voluntari/ària en un altre país, passa per la nostra oficina i t'informarem de les opcions que hi ha.
  • Et posarem en contacte amb altres institucions o associacions d'altres països.
  • Podràs anar-te´n amb una ajuda econòmica per al desplaçament, i amb totes les despeses pagades de manutenció, allotjament i assegurança mèdica

Guia pràctica 

  • Si vols conèixer més sobre el programa, descarrega't la nostra guia


Evs Projects in Denmark 40 vacancies

How to apply:

Interested candidates must fill in Dansk ICYE’s application form (you can find it here: it is attached to this email) and send it to this e-mail address: Applications are only accepted via e-mail and with our application form.We would appreciate it if you could spread our call in your network of young people and help us find suitable volunteers.

Evs Nort Kessock ,UK

This project will work with 10 EVS volunteers from 4 countries (Spain, France, Hungary, Germany) in protecting biodiversity on our nature reserves, broadening experience by offering the opportunity to work on and experience a broad range of habitats across Scotland. Volunteers will also be involved in enhancing access opportunities and raising awareness of Scotland's natural heritage, thus protecting biodiversity by encouraging local communities to value and conserve their local natural resources. We aim to make volunteers much more employable by providing 12 month placements with varied work experience and training. Examples of activities will be: - Meadow management - targeted cutting and raking of site, control of bracken - Control of non-native invasive species – cutting & hand pulling - Peat bog management - removal of scrub and including installation of plastic dams - Woodland management and restructuring - removal of non native species, felling of timber

Evs in Kokemaki, Finland

Next possible start dates are in spring 2020, length of stay flexible between 2-6 months. Application forms + CVs ( motivation letter optional) by email to by 15.1.2020. Cultural Collective Kukoistus is located at the Korkeaoja village in the western part of Finland, some 40km from the coastline. We work here on various projects centered around art, ecology and building. Some of us live in the village and others in nearby cities. Our aims are to increase the opportunities for artistic work in the Finnish countryside and combining art with living close to the land while promoting sustainability and ecological values. Our operation is centered at the old main house and it’s surroundings at Korkeaoja organic farm. Among our ongoing long-term projects are the creation of an international residency for artists.

Evs in Neufvilles, Belgium

Projet avec des personnes en situation d'handicap. Les volontaires commenceront par un mois de découverte de la structure durant lequel ils auront la possibilité de passer dans les différents foyers et ateliers pour se familiariser avec le travail et les différentes équipes. Par après ils choisiront, en accord avec leur tuteur, un foyer ou un atelier dans lesquels ils vont s'investir plus. Les tâches des volontaires consisteront en un suivi pratique et pédagogique de la personne handicapée. Les volontaires vont soutenir l'équipe pédagogique dans l'encadrement quotidien des résidents, tout en gardant un statut particulier. Ils participeront régulièrement à des réunions d'équipe et auront toujours quelqu'un qui pourra les guider en cas de difficulté. Les apprentissages seront multiples et pourront se résumer comme suit: Découverte et progression dans le monde du travail social et plus spécialement de la personne présentant un handicap

Evs in Mozet (Gesves), Belgium

THE PARK Domaine de Mozet includes a castle - farm surrounded by 10 acres of woods, meadows and lawns . Every corner of the park is allocated to specific activities / entertainment area that offers its customers. There are among others an orchard, a medieval mini -garden , a mini- park animals, an apiary , a flowery meadow , a pond , a wasteland, fire corners, etc ... The volunteer Park, in addition to his support for certain activities, participate in the following activities: - Monitoring the health of trees and pruning, - Maintenance of a mini-farm, - Cleaning once a year birdhouses and bird inventories have laid, - A medieval garden care - Maintenance of an educational pond - Annual maintenance of hives and collecting honey , - Monitoring of orchard maintenance instructional path and a friendly space .

Evs in Ruiselede, Belgium

De Zande is a juvenile detention center for boys and girls between 12 and 18 years old. The youngsters are placed here by the juvenile court, because of a living situation that is unbearable, or because they committed a crime. The boys and girls go through a pedagogical and didactic-educational program. We provide tailored guidance for every youngster who enters our facility. The result we have in mind is to facilitate the learning opportunities for the young people in our institutions and on the other hand for the volunteers. We want our young people to get the chance to learn from the volunteers by talking, exchanging experiences and by being able to see an example of taking part in the society in a positive way. The volunteer will be an example for the youngster in everyday activities.

Evs in Suecia

Hastekasen Farm Association is a small community of small scale farmers and builders Gardening, small scale farming, living on the countryside (Permaculture). Building with natural methods. LARP. Adventure and lots of nature. Simple low standard living. Looking for self motivated, participants with work ethics and the ability to take responsibility with an interest of developing leadership skills. The work is obligatory and is very practical - if you have no prior experience of using your mind and hands and body in PRACTICAL situations - don´t apply. We want a good match that benefits: you, the host, EU. The activities that we do here must have a link to what you HAVE been doing in your life, as well as what you want to do in the FUTURE. "Nature protection" means that you will have to live with less resources, lower standard. A miserable life according to many. "Employability" basically means that you will have to get up in the morning and take responsibility.

Evs in Järna, Suècia

This nine-month project is designed for youth who want to experience life in an Ecovillage and farm in rural Sweden. The volunteers' tasks llaure to care for the farm animals, but also to build a permaculture garden, outdoor area and greenhouse around the volunteer base. There llaure many learning opportunities: from how to create your own garden, to understanding habite about ressò-sustainability, the Ecovillage network, writing European Solidarity Corps applications, taking part in conventions on Nature rights, visiting biodynamic farms and permaculture gardens and much habite. Volunteers will be involved daily in Charlottendals Ecovillage and farm where they will live, but also have the opportunity of working onze or twice a week in Foreningen SOFIA, a humanitarian aid NGO, or in gardens such as Under Tallarna permaculture or Nibble Gard. The project should begin at the end of March and finish before Christmas. For questions and further details, please contact

Evs in Panciu, Romania

The project „Mind the Solidarity” will include volunteers form different EU countries; according to their interests/competences they could be involved in different socio-educational activities in Panciu (Judet Vrancea): - at the Daily Centre Pinocchio with children (3-16 y.o.); - at the Kindergarden nr. 1 of with children 3-6 y.o.; - at the Documentation and Information Centre of the "Ioan Slavici" Theoretical High School; - at the Social Residential Centre for elderly people. - at the Family Modules for orphans minors in Panciu.

Evs in Dinamarca

The Human Rights Cafe is a space for volunteers and young people to become active global and European citizens by transforming issues of local and global importance to concrete action and change-making. For 5 months in Helsingør, Denmark, two young volunteers will do volunteer work in order to gain work experience in the fields of youth work, active citizenship and non formal education, environment and climate change, event making, facilitation and conducting workshops on human rights, global citizenship, intercultural communication and lifelong learning while they enhance their personal and professional development and empowerment, giving them abilities in areas that will make them well-prepared for their future lives and enhancing their employability.

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