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Cos Europeu de Solidaritat (CES)


  • Dirigit als joves que participen de forma individual o de forma conjunta en activitats no lucratives i no remunerades en un país diferent del de la seua residència.
  • El voluntariat internacional s'estableix com un mecanisme per a la promoció i la coordinació dels valors de la solidaritat, l'acció cívica i la responsabilitat social dels estudiants de la nostra universitat i també com una eina per a l'educació i la formació complementària de l'educació que reben els estudiants.
  • Aquest objectiu del programa és facilitar la participació activa dels estudiants en la societat civil, la promoció de l'aprenentatge col·lectiu i el coneixement i l'acceptació de les diferents realitats


  • Proporcionar a l'alumnat criteris de solidaritat, tolerància, compromís i respecte.
  • Promoure la reflexió i l'esperit crític.
  • Promoure el treball en equip i potenciar els mecanismes per a la solució de conflictes i l'elaboració de solucions constructives.
  • Promoure la formació personal i professional de l'alumnat a través de la participació solidària dels estudiants

¿Com s'hi pot participar?

  • Si tens entre 18 i 30 anys i interès a viure una experiència com a voluntari/ària en un altre país, passa per la nostra oficina i t'informarem de les opcions que hi ha.
  • Et posarem en contacte amb altres institucions o associacions d'altres països.
  • Podràs anar-te´n amb una ajuda econòmica per al desplaçament, i amb totes les despeses pagades de manutenció, allotjament i assegurança mèdica

Guia pràctica 

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Evs in Dabrowa, Poland

Gmina Dabrowa (rural municipality) is going to host two creative volunteers. There are two main areas of volunteers' service. First area is a work with children and students (6-15 years old) in two primary schools and the kindergarten. Volunteers organize after-school activities. The activities should be related to the volunteers interests. Another area is more flexible and it is implementation of own initiatives. We will give a space for volunteer's ideas and provide necessary support. These ideas also should be based on the volunteer's interests.

Evs in St Caprais de Bordeaux, France

The main task of the volunteer is to work with children and teenagers during their free time in leisure center, to make activities with them and let them discover the country of the volunteer. Secondly the volunteer informs and promotes the different possibilities ans structures of youth engagement in the area by doing interviews, writing an article, etc. The aim through this project is to bring openness to the people who are in contact with the ESC volunteer and to promote youth engagement in the area.

Evs in Pesaro, Italy

The volunteers will support the activities of the Association Vicolocorto, like for example: Join the staff on promotional activities about Erasmus+ mobility opportunities through leafleting, online communication and peer-to-peer interactions, meetings and events in Vicolocorto office, in Youth Information Centre, in High Schools and Universities. Take part to English conversation workshops, peer to peer language exchange with local youth, in Pesaro and neighbouring cities.

Evs in Vevelstad, Norway

Menja and help us out on the voluntary central, we're in need of some extra hands and brains! The main goal will be working with and for the local youth and organize different kind of activities, both indoors and outdoors. Support the local youth council in their political work and environmental projects. You will also be working with and for the elderly. We ca offer a wide range of possibilities for personal growth! Learn the Norwegian language and the way of living in one of Norway's smallest municipalities located way up north.

Evs in Galway Steiner National School, Irland

In Galway Steiner National School, our teachers llaure Irish Trained Teachers using Steiner principles to deliver the National Currículum. An opportunity to learn habite about Steiner methodologies and Irish Culture. Ideal for trained teacher or candidates with experience of working with young children.

Evs in Vesilahti,Finland

The objective of the association is to vivify the country side, promote holistic ecological lifestyle and global sustainable development, as well as to encourage communality, be open for surroundings and cooperate local, national and international ways. We want to develop our role as an international cooperator and create good and active partnerships with our supporting organisations. Everyone gets easily a lot of information about how bad the situation is in this planet. People often feel alone, hopeless and stuck, don`t know what to do. We believe that all small things can make a big difference. We do our best to live more sustainably, build up communality, be open for new ideas and make our baby steps for better, safer future. Volunteers from different countries bring our organisation their ideas, worries, solutions for us to improve our work. And the aim is that they will learn many new things here, they will have trust for themselves and future and increase their capacity to act.

Evs in Ramnicu Valcea,Romania

he main goal of the "Key to Solidarity" project is to promote solidarity through non-formal volunteering activities in support of young people with reduced opportunities in Valcea County. Solidarity is needed among the local community, in general and especially in pandemic crisis situations, as the Coronavirus pandemic is at the moment. The volunteering project will promote solidarity in terms of blood donation to hospitals and will implement hygiene information campaigns. The project aims to build bridges between people with different background promoting solidarity at the local communit ylevel after carrying out activities with young people with Down syndrome and marginalized young people from Roma communities.

Evs in Thessaloniki, Greece

It is a common belief that behavioral patterns are fundamental as to evaluate quality of life. We aim to quality of life (QoL) of 1) DISABLED and disadvantaged population including them to a short environmental protection campaign with medians sport & cultural events and 2) of the volunteers' themselves introducing them to basic principles of QoL. In our ESC project volunteers with fewer opportunities will cooperate with disadvantaged & disabled youth and other young people with strong potentials in sports, arts and ecological activation and all together will learn & support activities related to inclusive culture. Within the short time period of volunteering they will create a facebook community for passing their experiences, ideas and hopes in the digital world, a contemporary practice for keeping a directory of the event and sharing their opinions with others. EERcomt hopefully will make available to the ESC volunteers sports equipment, chairs, easels, music instruments etc.

Evs in Bari , Italy

The aim of the project is to promote empowerment and European sense to belonging in kids and integration and culture between local communities through games and non- formal education. In order to do that we organize our activities in museums, castles, and old towns with kids and families through the non-formal education, in a funny way, to enjoy a guided tour in an innovative and interactive way or to play stories in roleplay games that can show and explain legends, historical facts or significative happenings in the stories. Indeed, Tou.Play has been working for years on developing and enhancing its territory by involving young people, creating a new society aware of different realities and histories. In this project’s activities Tou.Play will work in collaboration with the “Servizi sociali di Bari”, “Spazio 13” and “Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro”. Every activity will be based on the transfer of knowledge through play and non-formal learning activities.




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