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Cos Europeu de Solidaritat (CES)


  • Dirigit als joves que participen de forma individual o de forma conjunta en activitats no lucratives i no remunerades en un país diferent del de la seua residència.
  • El voluntariat internacional s'estableix com un mecanisme per a la promoció i la coordinació dels valors de la solidaritat, l'acció cívica i la responsabilitat social dels estudiants de la nostra universitat i també com una eina per a l'educació i la formació complementària de l'educació que reben els estudiants.
  • Aquest objectiu del programa és facilitar la participació activa dels estudiants en la societat civil, la promoció de l'aprenentatge col·lectiu i el coneixement i l'acceptació de les diferents realitats


  • Proporcionar a l'alumnat criteris de solidaritat, tolerància, compromís i respecte.
  • Promoure la reflexió i l'esperit crític.
  • Promoure el treball en equip i potenciar els mecanismes per a la solució de conflictes i l'elaboració de solucions constructives.
  • Promoure la formació personal i professional de l'alumnat a través de la participació solidària dels estudiants

¿Com s'hi pot participar?

  • Si tens entre 18 i 30 anys i interès a viure una experiència com a voluntari/ària en un altre país, passa per la nostra oficina i t'informarem de les opcions que hi ha.
  • Et posarem en contacte amb altres institucions o associacions d'altres països.
  • Podràs anar-te´n amb una ajuda econòmica per al desplaçament, i amb totes les despeses pagades de manutenció, allotjament i assegurança mèdica

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CES in Laulasmaa, Estonia

Laulasmaa School maintains and develops Estonian culture by paying attention to Estonian language and the study of culture. In addition to the traditional subjects, the students learn folklore, crafts, art, folk dances, choir songs, music etc. Also, the children take part in hobby classes, contests and other projects.To boost entrepreneurship and digital competence, Laulasmaa School provides additional lessons on mathematics, entrepreneurship, career education, informatics, robotics and IT. Laulasmaa School knows that non-formal learning is important

CES in Varde, Denmark

Vardeegnens Gymnasieforberedende Efterskole is a boarding school, where approximately 100 students aged 14-17 stay for one year. They come from all over Denmark and a few of them from abroad. The school is located in the west coast of Jutland and focuses on preparing its students for the Danish general upper secondary school called gymnasium. The school offers education in Danish language and literature, Maths, English, German and Social studies. In natural sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biotech.

CES in Omagh, United Kingdom

Camphill Clanabogan is a land-based community that offers supported living to adults with learning disabilities. Volunteer co-workers live and work together with the residents. Workshops provide meaningful opportunities and everyone is asked to contribute to Community life within their own abilities. Sustainability and caring for the land are important to us. Our farm & garden are Demeter certified. Volunteering at Clanabogan, you will be asked to help in the houses, workshops (Weavery, Bakery, Woodwork) or on the land (Farm, Garden) and to contribute to the Community in a variety of ways

CES in Padova, Italy

This center hosts mothers and their children. They live here for a short period, and with the help of educators and trainers they will be able to reintegrate in their own social context. Here mothers and children live together, with professional staff members, doing daily houseworks (prepare meals, clean…), activities and game moments, or structured paths for them. 

CES in Debe, Poland

The ecovillage aims at development of a supportive and possibly self-sufficient community motivated by the three ethical principles of permaculture: care of the people, care of the Earth and return of the surplus. We also want to raise awareness about permaculture, sustainability and regenerative processes among local communities. Examples of activites for volunteers: - Providing support during construction of the ecovillage’s infrastructurea and demonstrative structures using natural materials; - Work with soil, water, plants, mushrooms and animals of the ecovillage, permaculture gardening and creation of the food forests

CES in Anglet, France

The organization will host 2 volunteers at the same time. It hosts 48 children aged 6 to 18 years entrusted by children's judges or the social welfare service for children, some of them are minor refugees who arrived without their parents in France. Its role is to protect the children by giving them a living environment in the form of an educational boarding school. The volunteers will mainly be involved in the activities with the young migrants hosted in a new residence. In addition, the volunteers will assist the teams of educators and thus work with the other children and teenagers.

Evs in Vrontados, Greece

Our volunteers offer their services to Nursery Schools, Kindergartens, Primary & Special Education Schools by taking part "assistant teachers", in the educational procedure, assist in offering help to the Elderly & people in poverty institutions of the Island & realize non-profit new technologies, educational, sports, environmental & cultural programs, activities, presentations & seminars to educators, parents, youngsters & children. They are responsible for the technical part & in general the managing of the on-line radio station, which aims the promotion of education, environment, culture & sports & they publish their activities at the web site 

Evs in Bologna, Italy

The volunteers will be actively embedded in the multiethnic and stimulating environment of Bologna by exploiting the activities and the network of contacts of YouNet. They will be involved in activities connected with the promotion of EU values between young people and adults. They will help the European Mobility Department to develop its online communication strategy through websites, e-learning, videos, photography, blogging and social networks. They will be free to design their own creative content to disseminate local activities for youngsters and ongoing international projects. 

Evs in Montendre (Nouvelle-Aquitaine) France

Our delegations host international volunteers throughout the year. Each regional delegation is unique, but all of the activities organized benefit the local community and share common ground: - gather people from different culture and social background to participate in social, ecological and cultural development. - contribute to the integration of people with fewer opportunities. Each project is dedicated to actions of solidarity and collective living. We believe that cultural exchanges are a key for personal learning and for the volunteer to experiment and undergo personal development.

Evs in Torva, Estonia

Torva Kodu provides 24-hours supported living for adults with mental and physical disabilities.The home works every day for one goal – that people who live there would have active and positive days no matter their age, gender or disability. For that, there are activities like felting, ceramics, sewing. They are also very active in sports like walking, games, dancing, and activities like art and handicraft. They are always standing for disabled people’s right to be involved in society and feel safe at home and support every person to be as independent as they can. A volunteer will be helping staff in everyday activities, such as communicating with clients, helping with events and food etc, teaching different skills and about their home country and culture.

Evs in Ignalina, Lithuania

Ignalina public library is a cultural organization. Its functions are information, cultural and education events, taking part at the lifelong learning. The first strategic direction is strengthening public cultural, information competence and literacy activities which encourages the creativity and motivation to take part at the lifelong process. During the year the library organized more than 150 events: seminars on local history, educations on literature, music, health and Nature themes.

Evs in North Lanarkshire, United Kingdom

The project provides a befriending service for around 60 young people per year. The young people referred via North Lanarkshire Council Social Work departments are matched with local part time volunteers who befriend these young people for 2 to 3 hours fortnightly. The young carer referrals are matched with our full time volunteers who befriend approx. 8 young people within the school setting and in the community on a weekly basis for a period of 6 months.

Evs in Strassen, Luxembourg

The “Centre pour le Développement Moteur” is a school for physically and mentally disabled children and adolescents, from age 3 to 18. The school provides individualised education addressing their individual differences and specific needs. Inclusive education is also an important mission. The volunteer assists the pupils and the team in the daily tasks and the activities. He/she has the role of assistant to help pupils who are not able to work on their own. The general objectives are teaching by different means and/or offering activities to train the very basic knowledge of the pupils. The volunteer is also involved in helping for all special needs of the pupils such as eating and care. 

Evs in Laguépie (Occitanie), France

Our delegations host international volunteers throughout the year. Each regional delegation is unique, but all of the activities organized benefit the local community and share common ground: - gather people from different culture and social background to participate in social, ecological and cultural development. - contribute to the integration of people with fewer opportunities. Each project is dedicated to actions of solidarity and collective living. We believe that cultural exchanges are a key for personal learning and for the volunteer to experiment and undergo personal development.

Evs in Türi, Estonia

Hoolekandeteenused (welfare services) is a state-owned enterprise which provides social welfare services to adults with special needs. Personnel monitors clients´ health and development, provides medical care, teaches them basic skills and encourages every person to be as independent as they can. The unit workers support residents in everyday life activities: cooking, housekeeping, visiting a doctor and public offices, organising free time activities and planA volunteer will be helping staff in everyday activities, such as communicating with clients, helping with events and food etc, teaching different skills and about their home country and culture.

Evs in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Library’s mission is to create modern libraries close to all Klaipeda citizens and providing all kinds of users with equal opportunities to conveniently use all types of universal information resources for cultural, recreational, self-educational and lifelong learning needs. The library organizes various training activities, excursions in the library, volunteer activities, new books presentations, lectures, art exhibitions, cultural performances, after school programs, programs for reader development, etc.

Evs in Bartenheim-La-Chaussée, France

The purpose of this project is to offer children a place to grow and develop in a stimulating environment using the Montessori and Freinet approaches combined with outdoors learning in the nature. In every initiative we create – sustainable ecologically is a strong part of the project. Our volunteer will be part of an international educational team. The school welcomes 40 children from 3 to 11 years old. Volunteers support the implementation of our educational environments and daily activities for the children. Tasks include support our Montessori guides for outdoor and indoor activities, actively help our guides to prepare the material and the activities for the children, help our nature educators for garden and forest activities and support the maintenance of the pedagogic farm.

Evs in Drunen, Netherlands

Project Description The ESC volunteers will assist in teaching English, nature, sports and/or culture for extra hands such as reading and activities for small groups. Depending on the interests and talents of the volunteer, he/she can help the professional with cultural activities, for example music, dance, acting, craftsmanship or physical education. Primary school Linus (part of Scala foundation) Athena Primary School is a zone school for children of 4-12 years old. As the pupils are highly gifted, they need special attention in their daily life. There will be great possibillities for the volunteer because the school has two specialist art teachers so the children can develop their creativity, as well as an English teacher and a computer programming teacher. As highly gifted children have a high risk of failing during high school or Bachelor study.

Evs in Ballinaglera, Ireland

Two volunteers needed on long-term ESC. Good Energies 2021 is an 18-month project that will use the enthusiasm and skills of our ESC volunteers to tackle the climate crisis in Ireland. Our focus is reducing carbon emissions locally and nationally in Ireland, working with communities, organizing climate dialogue sessions, and schools climate action, organizing climate action days. This will give our volunteers experience in campaigning, social media and publicity, democratic systems and actions, community interaction and empowerment.

Evs in Amstetten, Austria

You have the great opportunity to learn a lot about youth and social work in Austria, as well as about organizing different events, workshops and other activities. It is a wonderful chance to widen your “box”, and taking advantage of the knowledge and wealth of experiences that are expecting you while working with our youth workers team and with the young people from different cultural and social backgrounds who visit our center.

Evs in Toulon, France

Supported by ICE-RF, the Maison St Louis of Toulon wants to host a volunteer in its structure. This experience will give the opportunity to the volunteer to get engaged in a project, to contribute to his/her French level, give him/her autonomy and independence, a maturity in her/his personal and professional life. Logivar-Maison Saint Louis hosts homeless people searching for an apartment and/or a job. This people receive a room, meals, and any help they need ; they stay a few days, a few weeks, even a few months or more… Logivar has three main activities : - a social help where people are accompanied to find a house and a job with professionals, - an house where people live during their search (16 beds+2 urgent need beds) and get socially reinserted, - Workshops : second hand stuff, photo workshop, newspaper, computer initiation, internet and communication…

Evs in St Caprais de Bordeaux, France

The main task of the volunteer is to work with children and teenagers during their free time in leisure center, to make activities with them and let them discover the country of the volunteer. Secondly the volunteer informs and promotes the different possibilities ans structures of youth engagement in the area by doing interviews, writing an article, etc. The aim through this project is to bring openness to the people who are in contact with the ESC volunteer and to promote youth engagement in the area.

Evs in Galway Steiner National School, Irland

In Galway Steiner National School, our teachers llaure Irish Trained Teachers using Steiner principles to deliver the National Currículum. An opportunity to learn habite about Steiner methodologies and Irish Culture. Ideal for trained teacher or candidates with experience of working with young children.




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