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Notícies publicades en Novembre, 2019
  • Dijous, 28
  • Lommel

    Evs in Lommel ,Belgium

    Over Grenzen vzw mains Across Borders Association and is an organisation that sets up projects concerning Peace- and Remembrance education for both youths and adults. It wants to connect the past and the present to promote a culture of peace and non-violence. The association uses the Youth Meeting Centre as a guest accommodation and educational centre as a ´base of operations´ for its activities. Because the YMC is situated next to the German military cemetery of Lommel, and in that way connected to the German War Grave Commission, it also supports the (youth) work and educational vision of this organisation. Across Borders Association has no economic, political or religious goals and is politically neutral. the most important activity will be the preparation and execution of new projects, like international red hand day, youth exchanges, German commemoration day Volkstrauertag, art exhibitions, create historical information brochures, etc...

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  • Amstetten

    Evs in Amstetten,Àustria

    The volunteer should take part in our daily work in the youth centre, they will work four/five days (32 hours) per week. At the beginning they will be introduced to different areas of work that we do (opening hours for the youngsters, project work, networking activities and some of administrative work). Once they get accustomed to all the tasks, the volunteer is welcome to bring up their own creative idees. During the opening hours, the volunteer will spend estafe with our visitors, carry out different activities and organise projects with them. Volunteer is encouraged to attend 2 month language course located in Linz, Upper-Àustria. Course and transportation expanses llaure fully covered by Youth Center.

  • Dilluns, 25
  • strassen

    Evs in Strassen, Luxembourg

    Youth for Music” gives one volunteer, specific administrative, creative and pedagogical tasks, according to their skills and interests, related to our scheduled youth activities that have a European dimension, including: exchanges, orchestral sessions and concert tours. Tasks include: organisation of youth projects (promotion and mediatisation); communication and cooperation with foreign partners and participants; elaboration of the activity’s daily schedule; elaboration of cultural programs (trips/talks/visits); elicit the interest of the participants and public; support participants to solve any problems that arise; pedagogical coaching to problem solve and favour group integration; and pedagogical assessment of the results. The project’s aim is to reinforce and develop the volunteer’s professional capacity (relational/organizational/linguistic skills). Their involvement in youth activities will develop their ability to adhere to a project, work in a team and to coach youth.

  • kokemaki

    Evs in Kokemaki, Finland

    Next possible start dates are in spring 2020, length of stay flexible between 2-6 months. Application forms + CVs ( motivation letter optional) by email to by 15.1.2020. Cultural Collective Kukoistus is located at the Korkeaoja village in the western part of Finland, some 40km from the coastline. We work here on various projects centered around art, ecology and building. Some of us live in the village and others in nearby cities. Our aims are to increase the opportunities for artistic work in the Finnish countryside and combining art with living close to the land while promoting sustainability and ecological values. Our operation is centered at the old main house and it’s surroundings at Korkeaoja organic farm. Among our ongoing long-term projects are the creation of an international residency for artists.

  • zlin

    Evs in Zlín ,República Txeca

    The volunteer will be involved in the entire operation of the organization. She/ he well be given opportunities to work according to their best abilities and they will have the support of the staff while doing sota. The volunteer will work in leisure estafe activities (workshops, courses, intercultural events), help children in the nursery school (helping the teacher, organise ativities for children of age 2 - 5) or work with adults. Volunteers work 7 hours per day (35 hours per week). The volunteer also organize language courses (in mother tongue or other language according to the interest of volunteer). Volunteers will also learn czech language. Occasionally volunteers organise or participate on activities or workshops during the weekend. Each volunteer will have a sufficient space to design and implement their own idees. We also support volunteers in creating their own promotion materials for their workshops and activities.

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