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Notícies publicades en Setembre, 2018
  • Dijous, 27
  • Riding

    Therapeutic Riding Association

    Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece, in Athenas, are looling 3 volunteers during the period Oct 2018 to Nov 2019. The volunteers will learn how to interact with the horses, clean the space around them, clean the horse itself, dress them and even lead them. The volunteers will be also trained in how to interact with the people with disabilities because they also work as side walkers (they will give assist to the therapists during the sessions by carrying the tools and the toys, help the patient to implements the “orders” of the therapist.

  • Dilluns, 24
  • EVS in Poland

    EVS in Poland

    We are urgently searching three more volunteers who would like to join our EVS/ESC project in Kielce, Poland. 
    We postponed deadline, so volunteers still can apply. Project will start 13.10.18 and will last 9 months. Aims of volunteer is to work with kids and teenagers in school and afterschoolclub, organising cultural activities for local people, support our Human Rights Club and develop own initiatives.
  • Divendres, 7
  • C5

    EVS in Ensfea

    Evs ENSFEA needs one volunteer from 01/10/2018 to 15/09/2019, in Toulousse, France.

  • Dijous, 6
  • Evs in Molfetta

    Evs in Molfetta

    Associazione InCo, in Molfetta, Italy, from 01/10/2018 to 30/09/2019, are looking for a volunteer for a volunteering project in the famous touristic place of Ostuni, Southern Italy. The project starts the 1st october and last 12 months. The activities are focused in a village for kids with family problems. If you are interested please contact

  • Cyprus

    Evs in Cyprus

    Participants: 8 young people 18-30. Duration of Voluntary Service: 8 months ( start date :02/05/2019, end date: 31/12/2019). Venue: Avgorou Community, located in Famagusta District, Cyprus.
    Project topics:• Creativity and Culture• Health and wellbeing• Healthy Lifestyle-Active aging.
    Aim of the Project : to give the opportunity to young volunteers from European and non European Countries to offer their voluntary services by participating in all activities of our organization.Promoting multiculturalism, fighting of racism and discrimination of sex, religion, culture, nation etc.Also with their integration and acceptance in the community the spirit of solidarity and dialogue between youth from different cultural background.Subject: Voluntary service to infants, children,elderly by helping in improving their quality of life , in school and day care.Informal learning is also aimed by these activities.

  • Ozviak

    Evs in Ozviak

    Community Centre works with socially disadvantaged people and families. The main aim is to decrease the differences between the social groups to a minimum. The volunteering activities consist of direct work with different target groups from children to the seniors in their clubs, complemented with the preparation of these activities. Preparation of volunteering campaign alongside with presenting it in local schools. The volunteer will help with editing pictures, writing blogs and articles, administrative work. The Volunteer will go directly visit the socially disadvantaged families. There will be also the meeting of connecting the cultures once per week. The volunteer will also participate in a free time activity in the school. Preparing and delivering the craft workshop once per month. Group rehabilitation with mental or physical disabled patients, Creative and game activities for the local community. In the schedule, there is a time for volunteer's preparation of his own activity. All the important information will be communicated by the coordinator once per week on a regular meeting. The volunteer will also participate in the course of the Slovak language approximately 2 hours per week.

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