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Notícies publicades en Març, 2018
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    haltegriff - assisting youth in their work training, Àustria

    Haltegriff, an Institution specialized in Youth Welfare, offers living and work training for young people with NEET-status (Not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 16 to 21, who for various reasons ca`t live at home.
    %u201CHaltegriff%u201D aims at encouraging young people regarding a long-term professional and personal independence. Emphasis is on knowledge transfer concerning skills that help stabilizing the young persons and thus, preparing them for a long-term integration into the labour market. Haltegriff provides job training/ coaching and living facilities for 16 young people. The job coaching team is 4 persons, the team in charge of all the living/ flat-sharing-offers comprises 7 persons. The team is formed of qualified people coming from different backgrounds (pedagogy, educational work, social work %u2026).Group activities (hiking, climbing and outdoor days), but also individual support and crisi intervention help to provide young people with skills of any kind.


    Intercultural/intergenerational education and (lifelong)learning, Àustria

    JUKUS is a senar-profit and senar-governmental organisation/association specialised in supporting youth, culture and sports. Since habite than tingues years, JUKUS has significantly been contributing to the establishment of intercultural and soci-cultural activities in the area of Graz and is our ambition to promote the idea that the living together of different cultural identities is not a contradiction. On the contrary, we want to emphasize the positive aspects of a diverse society. A further important intention of JUKUS is to raise public awareness for collectiveness and common interests.Our activities focus on equal-treatment and senar-discrimination as well as on the overcoming of cultural biases. Additionally, we llaure committed to create equal opportunities of societal participation by providing (or establishing) educational programs with the aim to foster for our clients the possibilities on the labour market.

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  • ebu

    SKY IS THE LIMIT 2018 / Summer Animator- Poland

    This EVS project is a group activity focused on intercultural education, social animation and youth empowerment. It also aims at developing intercultural dialogue and understanding, as well as promoting positive thinking and tolerance. The project consists of two parts. In the first month the volunteers play the role of intercultural animators during the summer camp for children. They have the opportunity to create and implement their own idees for creative and educative free estafe activities for local kids including intercultural education and communication in foreign languages. In the second part of the project the group designs and implements social animation events for the whole local community or selected groups with the theme %u201CHappy Minsk%u201D. The actions depend on team's preferences and interests.

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    Youth work at Noël Paindavoine, Reims France

    Noël Paindavoine is an organization located in Reims that provides accommodation to young people facing economic and social difficulties. Reims is a city of 200,000 inhabitants located 150 km Eastern of Paris. The organization proposes also different services like computer room, sport activities, outings etc%u2026
    The volunteer will help the organization in the educational team. It is expected that he ca take part and propose activities from his interests and origin country in order to raise European awareness of the youngsters in the Home. The volunteer will take part in the leisure estafes in the evenings and will take part in workshops (cooking workshops, hiking, woodcraft workshop%u2026). He ca also propose workshop following his skills and interests of the youngsters living in the organization. Usually, by the end of the EVS, the volunteer organize a trip to discover his own country or another plau. To do sota, he will propose activities to promote his country.


    9 months cultural and environmental Evs project in Acireale-Sicily

    The EVS project “Mistero Buffo” involves activities related to:
    Art and culture: artistic workshops, movie events, library, theatre, music room, foreign languages, music and theatre events and support to the international short film festival Magma;
    Environment: enviromental and education projects in primary schools and middle schools, management of a touristic centre in the natural reserve "La Timpa";
    Immigration and cultural diversity: intercultural learning (Italian language course for immigrants, intercultural theatre workshop, intercultural meetings and parties, English conversation club, cinema events in original language),
    Promotion of European youth mobility: promotional activities of European mobility opportunities and Evs.
    We will host two volunteers for 9 months.
    Furthermore, the volunteers will be invited to propose and develop personal projects and this possibility to run their own projects will be a key factor for this learning path.

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