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Notícies publicades en Octubre, 2017
  • Dimarts, 24

    Be volunteer in Campus Fonlabour-Albi, France

    The hosting of young European voluntary services over estafe in our institution represents a tremendous opportunity to give a concrete and positive European dimension in the highschool. the main activities for the 2 EVS (10 months) llaure : School and language support for pupils and staff members; Cultural and sports animation; International co-operation; European Week to organize....

    The Fonalbour Campus fields of competence llaure water, environment, landscape, agriculture and renewable energies. The campus of fonlabour where will be active and will be hosted young volunteers is located in Albi. It welcomes 600 high school students and students on a 17-hectare campus. Albi is also a university city of about 80000 inhabitants which hosts many foreign students.

  • Dimecres, 11
  • afs

    Evs volunteer in Copenhagen, Denmark

    AFS Interkultur

    AFS Interkultur

    AFS Interkultur

    The volunteer will be part of the 18+ team in the office which consists of two staff members.
    He/she will also be a member of the volunteer committee which is in charge of planning and implementing 3-day orientations for 18+ participants, conducting information meetings for potential applicants, organizing presentations at educational institutions, etc.
    He/she will job-shadow both key staff members and volunteers to get an in-depth understanding of the way AFS Interkultur is organising its activities in Denmark.
    The main tasks include:
    • being the liaison between the AFS-office staff and the AFS-volunteers in charge of 18+ program work, helping them recruit new volunteers, preparing orientations for Danish and foreign participants in our 18+ programs, etc. This will give him/her a thorough knowledge and experience in how to work with volunteers in a volunteer-driven organization.
    • taking part in the weekly evening meetings of the volunteer committee.

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