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Notícies publicades en Setembre, 2016
  • Divendres, 30
  • Youth Drama

    Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Newbridge, IRELAND

    Crooked House runs Kildare Youth Theatre. We host 4 volunteers per year. Volunteers should have experience in theatre facilitation or directing theatre. This is so that we can share our practice with you, and that you can share yours with us. Ideally, you will come from a youth theatre in your country, or you will be studying acting or theatre. Perhaps you may have left college and are looking to experience how theatre is made with young people in different countries?
    Volunteers typically help deliver drama workshops and help direct performances with young people. This is not with children, but with young adults (aged 15 to 20). 

  • Dimecres, 21
  • Dinamarca

    Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Denmark

    The volunteer will be part of the daily life in the SFO. This means that you will have time in the SFO and in the teaching at the school. The volunteer position offers the volunteer the opportunity to learn about Danish SFO’s and the ideas and philosophy the activities was build on. As the Danish educational system is moving towards more focus on physical activities as part of the development of the child, the volunteer will also be part of this. As Spjald is a small town, the volunteer will also learn about life conditions in the Danish countryside. The volunteer will be expected to take part in our daily life and the existing activities and traditions of the institution, but he/she will also have the opportunity to contribute with new projects and activities. 

  • Dimecres, 14
  • ecograf

    EVS volunteers in HUNGARY

    We are looking for 6 volunteers for a 7 month long EVS projects. Our organisation is working in URBAN and RURAL area, so in the village (Szaporca) and in the city (Pécs) too. 
    We will host 3 volunteers in Pécs and 3 volunteers in Szaporca. The volunteers will share the experiences with each other and with the public during the project. 

  • Dimarts, 13
  • berlin

    Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany

    The department of European and international projects pursues in particular the goal of increasing the understanding and knowledge of other countries and cultures by fostering inter-cultural meetings and seminars on a multitude of topics. Within this framework we would like to offer European volunteers the possibility to spend one year in Germany while assisting and partially running aspects of the international programmes as well as becoming acquainted with the country and its culture. At the same time we expect from the volunteers an enriching support in particular with international projects. Medium-term we hope that assigning this task to European volunteers will give FEZ-Berlin a far reaching network of organizations for the realization of common projects. Since then, 4 volunteers per year have worked in the European and international department and facility management department and have enriched our teams. We are looking for motivated young people, with disadvantages and without, who want to become more independent, who look for intercultural undertanding and tolerance and who want to find out what their next step in life will be (professional, educational, etc.)

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