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Notícies publicades en Octubre, 2016
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  • Austria

    URGENT: Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in St. Isidor Austria

    St. Isidor looks like a small village. In the middle of this village is a church and around the church are different houses. In these houses you can find flats, kindergarten, after school care centre, a treatment centre (Ambulatorium) and 3 special schools. You can also find the management and the directors in this village. 

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  • Canvas

    URGENT: Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Livadeia, Greece

    The “Agios Vlasios” Chronically Diseases Infirmary of the Holy Metropolis of Thiva & Levadia is an elderly care center that aims to offer treatment, affection and care to people of both sexes with priority those suffering with chronically diseases.

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    Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Jena, Germany

    The Montessori day nursery "Munketal" Jena offers over 100 children, from one year to school age. The children are supervised by professional teachers and supported after the principle "Help me to do it by myself". A main axiom developed by Maria Montessori over 100 years ago, but still importantly just today. She founded a concept in the 20th century defined by the support and recognition of the child as a human being, with all his facets and rights. Each child will be respected as an individual Person.

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