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Notícies publicades en Octubre, 2015
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  • wales

    Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Wales

    ProMo Cymru is looking for volunteers with an interest in communications, multi media and a general interested in youth work, arts/ culture, events and community work. It is vital that the volunteer be able and willing to work on his or her own initiative and use her own ideas for inclusion in the project.

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  • parlament-nuit

    Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Strasbourg, France

    Supported by HISSE-RF, the "Lieu d'Europe" of Strasbourg wants to host a volunteer in its structure. This experience will give the opportunity to the volunteer to get engaged in a project, to contribute to his/her French level, give him/her autonomy and independence, a maturity in her/his personal and professional life.

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  • logo evs

    Reunió sobre el Servei de Voluntariat Europeu

    Si eres d'últims cursos, o ja has finalitzat la teua carrera, aquesta informació et pot interessar.

    Noves experiències solidàries, conèixer gent, viatjar... tot açò i molt més és el SERVEI DE VOLUNTARIAT EUROPEU (SVE/EVS). Vols saber més?

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  • 2015 Krsko Slovenia

    EVS in Krsko, Slovenia

    We are looking for self initiative, motivated, communicative, creative and responsible young people (18-30 years old) who are interested in media education and who would like to improve or develope their filmmaking skills. They have to be interested in working with young people, media, film and videos. It is desirable that they have some basic knowledge of filmmaking or photography but this is not required.

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  • Zilina, Slovakia

    Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Zilina, Slovakia

    Voluntary service will take place in ESCAPE club and in the new REFLECT community center in the city Zilina, where is place for our local work for children, youth and adults.
    During the school year (September to June) there are regular activities in the center and club

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