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Youngsters for europe

Because we are an educational institution, that acts not only on local and regional level but on international level as well, we want to accommodate a volunteer, who conceptualises new projects together with us and who has the appropriate language ability. (german, english) By incorporating a volunteer on the one side we want to involve a competent contact person for the development of a european awareness in our work, on the other side we want to give the volunteer the possibility to experience our work and to bring in his/her own ideas in our projects.


The volunteer should participate in the education branche, primary in the preparation, accomplishment and postprocessing of projects.The volunteer is directly responsible to the project management and will be introduced and briefed regarding the following field of duty:Developing ideas, Public relations and AdvertisingContacting and communicating with partner organizations and cooperating institutionsAccomplishment of education activitiesTo take care of participantsOrganisation and accomodation of guests in the context of activitesParticipation in team meetings and staff meetingsAs soon as the volunteer is familiarised in his scope of duties he/she can perform tasks independently. (coordinated with the project management)Knowledge of the german language is useful for the whole assignment and can be improved in different tasks during work. The volunteer will be integrated in the staff of the Bildungsnetzwerk gGmbH and has the oppurtinity to get to know every branche of institution of education. We expect individual work in our team. Work schedule:The labour time is 35 hours per week (During education activities it may exceed 8h per day) and will be adjusted dependent on demand and arranged with the project management.At regular intervals team meetings take place in which necessary working steps and tasks are discussed.For the accomplishment of activites flexibility, creativity and joy at working with persons are required.Holidays:Weekends are usually free, exceptions may occur during education activities. (Overtime compensation through time off) During a european volunteer duty of 6 months, the volunteers has 12 days of holiday, that can be used at free will, but it has to be coordinated with the project management.


Basic knowledge of german and english, other languages would be a big advandage but are not necessary. Ability to cooperate with others and to work individually as well willingness to work in different branches, joy at communication, motivation and organisation talent, social competence and basic knowledge of education work with children, youths and adults. Preferable experience with international projects ability to work with pc and internet readiness to improve.


Interested volunteers should send directly us their applications until the 8th of April. The applications must have include the curriculum vitae, a personal motivation letter and the filled application form in English or German for projects. You can find it on our website to download. Be careful, applicants for several projects must fill the application form for every project (for curriculum vitae, a personal motivation letter, one exemplar is enough). After this date we will begin to process the applications; volunteers should be prepared to have a telephone interview if necessary. We will finished the selection the 20th of April ! After we will prepare the application form and the activity agreement with the sending organisation and volunteer. We will apply to the national agency for 1st of May deadline. You can find more information about this project in the youth network website the European Voluntary Service database and on the website of the Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt for youngsters (


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