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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Zilina, Slovakia


Typical task for the volunteers: In "Kids club" volunteer will prepare and lead free time activities, workshops and activities at camps for kids, help with comunity meetings for parents, translation of materials for kids... In "ESCAPE club" volunteer will help with preparing for concerts, doing some workshops (guitar, english, uv show,..) In "MAMI clubs" volunteer will babysit while mums will listen to a lecture. In "FAMILY café" volunteer will help with preparing of place for café (decoration), help in the bar In "GAMBIT" club volunteer will help with preparing and leading language courses for the unemployed, lead workshops, babysit while adults will have a language course In "Volunteers for city" volunteers will help in the implementation of civic activities and community activities for the city. In "2nd mile" volunteers will help with charitable activities (eg. collection of clothes for poor or socially disadvantaged), help with the teaching of children from socially disadvantaged environment... in "EYE opener" volunteer will be assistant for language lessons in partner scholl, prepare educational concerts (for exmple: playing in a band, leading icebreakers, preparation of inspirational video...) and preventive lectures (preparation presentation, materials...) other task: - Preparation and maintenance of center - Administrative work - for example volunteers will help with writing projects... - Graphic work - volunteers will create posters, update web pages... - Multimedia work - volunteers will made video recordings, photo of the activities... - Slovak language lessons (2-4 hours /week)


Volunteer profile: - age 17 to 30 years - flexibility - sense of responsibility - music, art, language, sports, organizational or computer skills - empathy - desire to learn new things - moral purity - communicability


We will choose the applications received and than we will lead the interview (meeting or skype) with each potential candidate. If potential volunteer offers other giftedness and abilities, which he would be able to apply in our organisation, we are open to create a space for its application, as far as room and other circumstances will permit

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