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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Ireland

Depaul Ireland provides accommodation and key services to people who many others struggle to work with street drinkers, women in prison, families who others have given up on, those with behavioural, self-harm and addiction problems. We work in Dublin and Belfast to provide accommodation, outreach and training services to homeless and disadvantaged people.
Since 2002 Depaul Ireland has grown from a small Dublin based charity to become a significant leader in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland in addressing homelessness. Depaul Ireland reflects this growth and our increasing reach and potential to develop services across the island.

One of our host projects is "Peter’s Place". It is a 35 bed hostel providing 27/7 accommodation and support to 35 homeless men and women each night between the ages of 18 & 35. It targets those who may have drug dependency and works with them to support them in reducing their usage and accessing other services in order that they may be treated for their addiction. 
At Peter’s Place 1 EVS volunteer will work alongside and be part of a team of full time staff and part time volunteers and student placements. The team will work together to provide a safe environment and the best possible service to the young street homeless service users.


-Our aim is to open new possibilities for the project and its residents through the inclusion of volunteers. While the project staff often need to focus on the basic service provision (Keyworking), the volunteers can concentrate solely on additional activities which will be of great benefit to the residents. Because residents are struggling with addictions it can be difficult to get them to socialize and participate in activities within the Project. -Primarily the volunteer will spend their 30-35 hour working week at activities in the hostel. They may request to spend some time in other Depaul Ireland services. At the start of the placement the volunteers’ time will be structured around orientating to a new city, living arrangements as well as training and induction. Volunteer are advised not to expect too much from residents in relation to their activities at first. Getting to know our residents and building a good relationship with them is essential. Our residents can be suffering from trauma or have very little life experience. Volunteers need to be motivated and be inspiring to residents who can be apathetic, resistant to change or simply do not know what interests them. We hope that by bringing some interests and skills of their own to help inspire our residents. Activities can range from arts & crafts workshops, photography, organising outings, music & singing, health & beauty, storytelling and any group or one to one activity that will be of interest to the residents. Getting to know residents will take time and is key to build good relationships to instill the confidence in them to participate and socialize. Volunteers will have the opportunity to develop a project which is of particular interest to them, such as a cultural project or a basic skills group. We can support the volunteer in developing this, but will allow them to take the lead in it, thereby improving their organisational and development skills. Volunteers will receive a full induction and training course specific to EVS volunteers.


-Basic Requirements of Depaul Ireland EVS Volunteers: - Empathic and non-judgmental - Ability to use initiative and be flexible and open to new situations - Interested in, and a basic understanding of the issues around homelessness - Willing to work with people who are on the margins of society - We have the structures and capability to work with volunteers who are more disadvantaged. Due to the nature of the project and the client group we work with we have a number specific requirements of the volunteer. We would be looking for volunteers who are interested in working with disadvantaged individuals, and can see the positives in them as well as the support they need. They should choose our project because of the unique experience and development they will gain. As a lot of the volunteers' activities will centre around communication it would be favourable if our volunteers had a basic knowledge of English. How to Apply for an EVS project in Depaul Ireland We select volunteers according to the Youth in Action Guidelines. This means that we look for volunteer candidates aged between 18 and 30 years and who are legally residing in a Programme Country or in a Partner Country. We seek a balance of varied ages, genders and nationalities amongst our EVS volunteers. Vacant EVS placements in the host projects are advertised on the Europa:Youth Networks website. Emails/Faxes/Phonecalls expressing interest in the projects are responded to promptly. In order to fairly assess each candidate’s suitability for each project, we ask each candidate to submit to us a completed application form which can be requested from Volunteers are also required to produce 2 work/study related references, a relevant police clearance from the country that they are travelling from and information relating to medical history if appropriate. The day after the application deadline, the application materials are sent to the project management teams in order for them to score the applicants and select volunteer candidates. This list is then forwarded to the Volunteer Coordinator who makes contact with the volunteer candidate and their sending organisation to initiate the grant application process.


- Volunteers should read the Depaul Ireland EVS volunteer information and then complete the Depaul Ireland EVS application form which can be requested from You will find additional info on our website. The deadline for volunteer applications is Friday 31st January 2014 and short listing will be done the week after. We will then contact applicants by email to offer the placement and then organise a time to do a short interview via phone or skype. We will submit our grant application for the 17th March 2014 deadline.


Themes: Equal opportunities, Social exclusion (in general), European awareness
Targets: Homeless, Unemployed, Local Community

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