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The Internationale Bund (“International Alliance”) consists of a registered society and many associations, and runs more than 700 facilities and branches in 300 locations. Every year it helps around 350,000 children, young people and adults to organise their professional and private lives. The Alliance works mainly with disadvantaged children and young people, particularly migrants and those from socially weak families. The volunteer will be active in several areas, such as the media project and the “Open Door Area.” The media project offers children and young people the chance to learn how to deal responsibly with computers and the internet. The volunteer will be involved in organising and carrying out computer, video and photography courses for participants with different levels of ability. In addition, he / she will work with and for young people while designing the website.


The KJFE “Rolle 23” (“Role 23”) is conceptually orientated towards work with children and young people, particularly those from a disadvantaged background. This includes integration assistance for migrants and natives from socially weak families. The work offers the visitors meaningful and supported leisure activities. In addition, various projects also provide basic educational opportunities; a media project, a creative project, separate projects for boys and girls and an “Open-Door Area” are offered. - The media project offers children and young people the chance to learn how to use the PC and new media (internet) responsibly. Basic instruction in using common programmes such as Word and Excel is provided. In addition, the participants make a weekly contribution to the forum in which they describe the institution’s activities; in doing so, they learn about digital photography, photo editing, graphics and layout, and can also put this knowledge into practice. In addition, the media project provides an opportunity to write applications, to use the internet effectively and to work on school projects. - The Open-Door Area is the “entrance” to the institution. Here numerous activities, such as billiards, darts, table football and board games are available to the visitors. In addition, sporting activities also take place, e.g. weekly indoor football and volleyball training, training in the fitness centre and lessons in climbing and knot-tying on the internal climbing wall. Internal tournaments or tournaments with other institutions or street teams are regularly organised or taken part in. - A unique aspect of the KJFE is the affiliated project “Mobile Jugendarbeit für Spätaussiedler / Streetwork” (“Mobile Youth Work for Ethnic German Immigrants / Streetwork”). A colleague from an immigrant background works in this project, seeking out young immigrants at their meeting-spots and doing social-paedagogical work by building up a relationship with them. It is also possible for the volunteer to work in this area, particularly in the experiential-pedagogical activities, such as climbing or skiing.


Interested volunteers should send directly us their applications until the 8th of April. The applications must have include the curriculum vitae, a personal motivation letter and the filled application form in English or German for projects. You can find it on our website to download. Be careful, applicants for several projects must fill the application form for every project (for curriculum vitae, a personal motivation letter, one exemplar is enough). After this date we will begin to process the applications; volunteers should be prepared to have a telephone interview if necessary. We will finished the selection the 20th of April ! After we will prepare the application form and the activity agreement with the sending organisation and volunteer. We will apply to the national agency for 1st of May deadline. You can find more information about this project in the youth network website the European Voluntary Service database and on the website of the Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt for youngsters (


Basic knowledge of German and English is important - other languages would be a big advantage, but are not essential. Volunteers should be able to cooperate with others and to work individually, and should be willing to work in different branches. He/ she should be highly motivated, with good social skills and organisational talent. Good communication skills and basic knowledge of education work with children, young people and adults are also important, as are previous experience with international projects, PC and internet skills, and a willingness to improve. We are particularly interested in applicants from the Ukraine.

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