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School for Self-Determined in Germany


Freie Schule Brigach was founded in 2006. Now, about 30 children - age 6 to 16 - attend the school. The educational concept meets the requirements of curriculums at state schools. The concept of the school is not combined to any ideology or religious confession. In our educational center is the individual child with his or her strenghts and skills. It is characteristic for our school to teach in open classes and the groups are mixed of age. Children experience democracy, which offers freedom and limits, individuality and community. The teachers role is to give input and advices, to support children on their own way of learning. The heart of our concept is the children's self-responsibility. Children are taught to work independently. Volunteer' activities: assitance during class, supporting pupils and students at excursions and outings, initiating own workshops and projects. (sport, culture, craft, etc.) participating in the cevelopment of a school concept.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Volunteers will get accommodation in a living group of students in the neighbouring city of Villingen-Schwenningen (85.000 inhabitants), kitchen and bathroom bathroom have to be shared with flatmates. Volunteers get a monthly amount of 170 € for food. To ensure regional mobility volunteers get a monthly ticket for public transportation in the county of Schwarzwald-Baar, on workdays from 2 p.m., on weekends and during public school holidays the ticket is also valid in the neighbouring counties of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Lörrach, Waldshut and Ortenau.

Training during the project

To decrease problems from the start, volunteers go to important introduction seminars where they'll receive information about the institution and their duties. There is continuous professional support for the volunteers. One example of support is regular reflection talks. A neutral person from outside of the core group will lead these talks. Apart from the compulsory EVS training cycle provided by the National Agency there is also weekly language training at the local adult education center.

Volunteer profile

Volunteers should have an interest in educational work, especially in the concept of alternative teaching. We expect an open mind and interest in our very unusual school, as well as openness towards living in a rural area like the Black forest. In our school we support children to learn independently and self-responsible. The same we expect from the staff and from volunteers. Volunteers should be able to work in a team and should be interested in bringing up own ideas. For own projects we provide space, time and assistance.

How to apply

In order to check it you can apply for this project, you must first Sing In or Join the Corps.




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