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VOLUNTEERING activity: With this kind of activity six volunteers from SPAIN, FRANCE, PORTUGAL,HUNGARY and NORWAY will be hosted in Savona, in a large apartment, for a Long term project (duration12 months). START DATE of the activities planned for MAY/JUNE 2019. The FOCUS of the project will be the involvement of volunteers in the educative activities and thematic laboratories offered for free to minors and young people attending the following centers and Playrooms near Savona:Youthclub "Centro Ragazzi " of Albisola, the Ludoteca Playroom “Il cappellaio Matto" by Vado Ligure and the municipal playroom "I treni a vapore" of Finale Ligure, the Arbaxia Ludoteca in Spotorno. The volunteers will be involved in activities of animation and socializing through the game and recreational activities-sports and oriented to social inclusion.Volunteers will support educators by devising and realizing solidarity actions such as involvement and facilitation in the participation of foreign minors.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The volunteers will live in a big flat in the city center of Savona. The apartment is located at the sixth floor of a stately building with lift and close to shops and services (Mail, pharmacy, bar, discount, market, etc.).. It is close to the bus stop and the Train station (ten minutes walk).Consists of four rooms (each of which can accommodate two persons), two bathrooms, kitchen, a large living room. It is equipped with new appliances or in good condition.Meals: Volunteers each month will receive the necessary sums for the FOOD and POCKET MONEY provided by the Project.

Volunteer profile

For our purposes we will use the criteria for the selection of volunteers will bee available to participate in a long-term (12 months); Have a high motivation to the type of project and activities;Be willing to experiment with different kinds of activities (both practical and theoretical);Have experimented experiences in volunteering;Share the apartment with other volunteers.

How to apply

In order to check it you can apply for this project, you must first Sing In or Join the Corps.
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