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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Berlin, Germany

FEZ-Berlin is the largest non-profit children, youth and family centre in Europe. FEZ offers creative games, fun, and recreation withing its programme of education, adventure and culture. Having an outdoor area of 100.000 m² and an indoor area of 13.000 m² makes FEZ the ideal place for numerous events. It is being managed by nonprofit joint operating companies, the Kinder- und Jugendfreizeitzentrum and the Landesmusikakademie.. FEZ organises extracurricular educational projects for students and pupils of all ages, as well as international youth exchanges and events for children and families in the fields of European education, sustainable learning, culture, art, drama, music, media, ecology, technology, astronautics, a children’s museum, educational games, international and multicultural youth activities. These projects are the work of almost 100 permanent employees supported by approx. 15 interns, 4 European volunteers as well as 100 external trainers and 10 other helpers. Highlights of our events are music festivals, Europe weekend projects, inter-cultural festivals, puppet theater festivals - every weekend/holiday project in house has another theme. Holiday attractions such as "FEZitty- the children's capital " and the "Hogwarts School of Magic" are the bestsellers among our events. 
FEZ-Berlin also welcomes refugees. FEZ supports, when possible, and works hard to build "bridges" for our new neighbours. Our sport hall was taken into consideration by the Regional Health and Social Authorities to become an emergency shelter for the refugees and it is being managed by L.I.T.H.U. gGmbH. Moreover, FEZ accommodates separately 23 unaccompanied minor refugees and offers them language support and other activities for their every day life. A big part of this work is managed by our European volunteers.
Two departments are involved in EVS with tutors experienced in youth and inter-cultural work, which involve themselves daily in the tasks and learning outcomes of the volunteers. A mentor also offers support for the volunteers on a weekly basis (with trainings and mediation as well as inter-cultural and work integration), also administrative support (with the accommodation, on arrival training, registration, opening a bank account, an Internet contract and German classes) as well as monthly evaluations of their learning outcomes and work satisfaction.


FEZ is unique in Europe as a multi-divisional centre which allows young people to choose from a wide spectrum of activities. The activities that run with a high profile are: European socio-political work with young people such as, development, and political education in the form of global learning, as well as participatory projects and international youth congresses. FEZ-Berlin is a partner for schools in the region with its extracurricular programmes. It welcomes, organised groups, school classes or entire schools for one or more days of educational projects. We offer interactive, integral and interdisciplinary educational subjects such as: global learning, politics and society, countries and languages, religions and cultures, forms of life, games and sports, sustainable development and climate protection, visual and dramatic Arts, new Media, technology and natural sciences. Your tasks will be to help organise these events and create your own workshops on the topics which most interest you. You are invited to participate in the conception, preparation and processing of the programmes. We prefer the use of the method of participation: to gather personal experiences, to create a dialogue and partnership oriented towards multi-cultural and inter-religious meetings and create an open and tolerant climate for talks and discussion. We will choose 2 volunteers for the project management department and 2 volunteers for the facility management department. Because of the work involved, the living situation (2 girls will share an apartment and two guys will live in a different apartment) and trying to achieve gender balance, we are looking for 2 young women in project management and 2 young men in facility management. Within project management you will have more office tasks, writing reports and concepts (mostly in German) and help organising events, contacting partners, updating our social media, etc. Within facility management, the tasks are related to the technical and logistic aspects of organising events, for example: transportation of materials, decor, construction and deconstruction of inside or outside areas, where the event takes place, as well as creative work during the events, with children.


The department of European and international projects pursues in particular the goal of increasing the understanding and knowledge of other countries and cultures by fostering inter-cultural meetings and seminars on a multitude of topics. Within this framework we would like to offer European volunteers the possibility to spend one year in Germany while assisting and partially running aspects of the international programmes as well as becoming acquainted with the country and its culture. At the same time we expect from the volunteers an enriching support in particular with international projects. Medium-term we hope that assigning this task to European volunteers will give FEZ-Berlin a far reaching network of organizations for the realization of common projects. Since then, 4 volunteers per year have worked in the European and international department and facility management department and have enriched our teams. We are looking for motivated young people, with disadvantages and without, who want to become more independent, who look for intercultural undertanding and tolerance and who want to find out what their next step in life will be (professional, educational, etc.)


Please send us your CV and a motivation letter at / and tell us why you would like to work in our team, what motivates you to live and work one year in Germany and how well do your interests fit in with our work.

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