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EVS volunteers in HUNGARY

  • Contact person: Orsolya Kovacs
  • Coordinating organisation: Ecograf Association
  • Host: Ökográf Egyesület :
  • Location: Szaporca, Pécs, Hungary
  • Deadline: 20/09/2016
  • Start: 01/05/2017
  • End: 30/11/2017

We are looking for 6 volunteers for a 7 month long EVS projects. Our organisation is working in URBAN and RURAL area, so in the village (Szaporca) and in the city (Pécs) too. 
We will host 3 volunteers in Pécs and 3 volunteers in Szaporca. The volunteers will share the experiences with each other and with the public during the project. 

Ecograf Association was founded in 2012 by the informal group of ReArt workshop. The mission of Ecograf is to promote the sustainable and environmental urban and rural lifestyle with creative recycling art, non-formal educational workshops, gardening, community development, events. Our main goal is to promote the local product, local food, healthy lifestyle, share economy; keep the natural, built, gastronomical, agricultural, social and cultural values, traiditons. Our target group is mostly youngsters from 12 to 30 years, but we work with older and younger people as well.The Ecograf Association has two venues one in Pécs (city with 180 000 inhabitants) and the other one in Szaporca (village with 200 inhabitants).Members of Ecograf Association are: artist, project manager, sociologist, psychologist, graphic designer, student, mother, goldsmith, musician. We speak english, german, croatian, french. In their free time the members of the association like to do trips, analog and digital photograph, visit exhibitions, concerts, conference related to eco and sustainable alternative way of living and meet friends.We work both in urban and rural. In Pécs city in cooperation with SmArt Association we manage the ’A Klub’ open community lifestyle and creative space. In Szaporca village we manage the ’Cifraház’ creative community rural workshop with farming, gardening and handcraft. The Association organise several recycling creative art, environmental and global education workshop. Workshops we have done:Sewing, herbal knowledge, yoga, handmade cosmetics, creative recycling workshops, volunteering on farms. We do eco groups, drama, assertive communication trainings. We organise clothes exchange and garage market and presentations with invited guests in the topic of sustainable social and environment. We are self enterpreneurs, one of the member is doing ecodesign clothes and jewelleries under ’Licorice’ brand.


Our new EVS project is about VILLAGE AND CITY FUSION. We would like to make livable cooperation between the inhabitants in the village and the city. In the village we focus on the traditional local values and building methds (oven, mud technics), do gardening, traditional cooking, organise different events for the local people. The volunteers in the city do recycling workshops, design planning, photography, organise underground events.


Be open minded, talk at least basic english.


We are waiting the CV and motivation letters to our email adress: Please mark if you are interested to live and work in urban or in rural area. If you have any question we are open to answer. We will do a skype interview with you.


Themes: Art and culture, Environment, Heritage protection, Rural development, Urban development, Media and communications
Targets: Youth and children, Unemployed, Local Community

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