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2 Vacancies for EVS Volunteer in Slovakia


Si estàs interessat, posa't en contacte amb Rosa: 965 90 37 62 o al mail:

Organització d'acolliment :YMCA na Slovensku. ESLOVÀQUIA


we are looking for volunteers who could start between July-September 2016 and the best is for 12 months but we would ccept also 9 months duration.

The main aim is to become part of the work among Roma community in community centres in Jelsava and Liptovsky Mikulas, especially with children and young people who see them as friends and role models.  There are about 30-40 children coming to the centre everyday in Jelsava and 15-30 in Liptovsky Mikulas, their mothers and other young people, according to these activities:

-PRE-SCHOOL CLUB: children aged 3-6 focused on acquiring skills and motivation for school, better language expression by learning Slovak songs

-AFTER SCHOOL CLUB helps children to focus on their homework, volunteers help esp. with math and language(s), after they play together

- DROP-IN TIME: being with young people and kids during their free time, for inspiration, development and guidance, or just being there as a friend for chat and getting to know each other inside the clubrooms or outside in the garden, playing table games, classical and non-traditional team sports depending on current weather conditions

- TEENAGE CLUB: interest drop in for teenagers, discussion, music and games

To increase the impact on volunteers development during EVS process we would like them to join other activities in cooperation with local YMCA, other NGOs, secondary schools in the area: 

- CULTURAL / AWARNESS: film nights with discussions, presentation of their cultures and countries on clubs or local schools, discussions on volunteering and promotional activities and information to become active citizens (meetings, video, photo, blogs), help with tea-time in local art cafe/clubroom

-YOUTH HUB: creative media space: media literacy and production with local youth published through social media, video channels, local print and TV

-INTEREST GROUPS: girls/boy/youth groups, drama and music workshops


We would like to build upon the activities started with previous volunteers: INFORMAL LANGUAGE PRACTICE with students, local community (e.g. Language cafe in Mikulas, German/English/Spanish lessons for adults in Jelsava with low/no income, participation on language preparation of students: informal conversations, role play, meetings out of school time depending on mutual interests).

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