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Cuerpo Europeo de Solidaridad (CES)


  • Dirigido a los jóvenes que participan de forma individual o de forma conjunta en actividades no lucrativas y no remuneradas en un país diferente al de su residencia.
  • El voluntariado internacional se establece como un mecanismo para la promoción y coordinación de los valores de la solidaridad, la acción cívica y la responsabilidad social de los estudiantes de nuestra universidad y también como una herramienta para la educación y formación complementaria de la educación que reciben los estudiantes.
  • Este objetivo del programa es facilitar la participación activa de los estudiantes en la sociedad civil, la promoción del aprendizaje colectivo y el conocimiento y aceptación de las diferentes realidades.


  • Proporcionar al alumnado criterios de solidaridad, tolerancia, compromiso y respeto.
  • Promover la reflexión y el espíritu crítico.
  • Promover el trabajo en equipo y potenciar los mecanismos para la solución de conflictos y la elaboración de soluciones constructivas.
  • Promover la formación personal y profesional del alumnado a través de la participación solidaria de los estudiantes.

¿Cómo participar?

  • Si tienes entre 18 y 30 años e interés en vivir una experiencia como voluntario/a en otro país, pásate por nuestra oficina y te informaremos de las opciones que existen.
  • Te pondremos en contacto con otras instituciones o asociaciones de otros países.
  • Podrás irte con una ayuda económica para el desplazamiento, y con todos los gastos pagados de manutención, alojamiento y seguro médico

Guía práctica

  • Si quieres conocer más sobre el programa, descárgate  nuestra guía

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Evs in Vesilahti,Finland

The objective of the association is to vivify the country side, promote holistic ecological lifestyle and global sustainable development, as well as to encourage communality, be open for surroundings and cooperate local, national and international ways. We want to develop our role as an international cooperator and create good and active partnerships with our supporting organisations. Everyone gets easily a lot of information about how bad the situation is in this planet. People often feel alone, hopeless and stuck, don`t know what to do. We believe that all small things can make a big difference. We do our best to live more sustainably, build up communality, be open for new ideas and make our baby steps for better, safer future. Volunteers from different countries bring our organisation their ideas, worries, solutions for us to improve our work. And the aim is that they will learn many new things here, they will have trust for themselves and future and increase their capacity to act.

Evs in Zagreb, Croatia

The ‘Birds of a Feather Flock Together’ project aims to strengthen communities within Croatia to promote nature conservation and engage young people in practical experiences of nature conservation. This dynamic opportunity is based in several Croatian protected areas and will provide a unique chance to explore hidden landscapes during ornithological fieldwork, learn about public education and awareness-raising, and build solidarity between people and nature while contributing to a number of crucial conservation projects. The anticipated tasks for volunteers are: participating in nature conservation fieldwork and bird care activities; organizing of and participation in educational, awareness-raising, and community building activities, creating educational and promotional content for social media and organization websites. For more information on how to apply please read our call for volunteers:

Evs in Vevelstad, Norway

The only limitation is your own imagination" Come and help us out on the voluntary central, we’re in need of some extra hands and brains! The main goal will be working with and for the local youth and organizing different kind of activities, both indoors and outdoors. Support the local youth council in their political work and environmental projects. You will also be working with and for the elderly. We can offer a wide range of possibilities for personal growth! Learn the Norwegian language and the way of living in one of Norway’s smallest municipalities located way up north. The program covers all your expenses! We have a facebook-page called EVS Vevelstad, where you can send a message or post questions. We are looking forward to future volunteers and welcome you with warm hospitality

Evs in Castres,France

The ”Ludothèque Castraise”, is an association that offers entertainment around games and toys and organizes a leisure centre on Wednesdays and during school holidays, we offer to 2 volunteers in CES to participate for twelve months in the life of the association. The project objective is to educate members and particularly the children to respect the diversity of cultures with fun activities such as support. Our objectives are the following: -Make a lot of games and toys available to everyone. - Stimulate the sense of responsibility and inter-age and inter-neighborhood dialogue with play or toys as a support for relationships. - To make both the games and toys of yesterday and those of today better known, without borders. The presence of volunteers reinforces these objectives and reinforces the European dimension and the values of solidarity that we promote. With this project we want to make Europe and cultural diversity more accessible and tangible for all our members. 

Evs in Helsinki, Finland

The volunteer works as an assistant in Lyhty’s assisted housing Kotikutonen of the non-profit NGO “Lyhty ry”. Lyhty provides housing, education and work activity services for adults with learning disabilities. Lyhty is located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Kotikutonen is located in area called Pitäjänmäki. In housing units, a volunteer's job description includes helping with household chores such as cleaning, cooking and laundry. It is important to do homework together with a intellectual disabled person or to guide a person with intellectual disability to do their own homework. The housing units appreciate the volunteer's creativity, openness and genuine presence. For example, a volunteer can socialize with a resident, go out for coffee with other caregivers and residents, organize art shows or cook, play music, or organize activities such as a sports or dance. 

Evs in Ballinaglera, Ireland

Project description

Four volunteers needed on long-term ESC. Good Energies 2021 is a 1-year project that will use the enthusiasm and skills of our ESC volunteers to tackle the climate crisis, especially through our Cróga project. Cróga means Brave and our focus is reducing carbon emissions locally and nationally in Ireland, working with communities, organizing climate dialogue sessions, and schools, organizing climate action days. This will give our volunteers experience in campaigning, social media and publicity, democratic systems and actions, community interaction and empowerment. It will raise awareness of ESC locally and we will act as a sending organisation recruiting ESC volunteers, mainly with fewer opportunities. Our volunteers will be supported through mentoring, supervision and training to achieve high-quality learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competences), to improve their personal development, their involvement as active citizens in society and their employability

Evs in Roccantica ,Italy

ALA Associazione Liberi Artigiani – organization active since 2009, work to develop educational framework and workshop for adults, youths. The methodology use, and the educational approach mix non formal methods, art, creativity, and outdoor practices.

The aim of the organization is to promote social inclusion, active citizenship, respect and protect environment.

The mission is to support the creation of future citizen aware and critics, able to express their will and thinking, to exchange opinions, and chose a life style respectful of environment and resources. The organization work at national and international level and cooperate with public bodies, schools and NGOct description.

Evs in Edinburgh,Scotland

We will recruit 10 long term volunteers for 12 month placements from 4 countries (Spain,France, Germany, Hungary).
Our project will improve your knowledge,skills and employability in the environmental sector.
You will visit different parts of Scotland and will experience cultural life in Scotland.
We offer opportunities for blogs and use of social media to share your experiences.

Evs in Panciu, Romania

The project „Mind the Solidarity” will include volunteers form different EU countries; according to their interests/competences they could be involved in different socio-educational activities in Panciu (Judet Vrancea): - at the Daily Centre Pinocchio with children (3-16 y.o.); - at the Kindergarden nr. 1 of with children 3-6 y.o.; - at the Documentation and Information Centre of the "Ioan Slavici" Theoretical High School; - at the Social Residential Centre for elderly people. - at the Family Modules for orphans minors in Panciu.

Evs in Dinamarca

The Human Rights Cafe is a space for volunteers and young people to become active global and European citizens by transforming issues of local and global importance to concrete action and change-making. For 5 months in Helsingør, Denmark, two young volunteers will do volunteer work in order to gain work experience in the fields of youth work, active citizenship and non formal education, environment and climate change, event making, facilitation and conducting workshops on human rights, global citizenship, intercultural communication and lifelong learning while they enhance their personal and professional development and empowerment, giving them abilities in areas that will make them well-prepared for their future lives and enhancing their employability.

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