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Noticias publicadas en Mayo, 2019
  • Lunes, 27
  • 04

    Evs in Dinamarca

    The Human Rights Cafe is a space for volunteers and young people to become active global and European citizens by transforming issues of local and global importance to concrete action and change-making. For 5 months in Helsingør, Denmark, two young volunteers will do volunteer work in order to gain work experience in the fields of youth work, active citizenship and non formal education, environment and climate change, event making, facilitation and conducting workshops on human rights, global citizenship, intercultural communication and lifelong learning while they enhance their personal and professional development and empowerment, giving them abilities in areas that will make them well-prepared for their future lives and enhancing their employability.

  • Viernes, 24
  • 08

    Evs in Portugal

    The goals of the Project are: 1 – Foster an active participation of young people in the society in general and in the work market in particular; 2 – Promote diversity, understanding of other cultures and countries and the European identity; 3 – Produce results of learning in the volunteers through new knowledge, skills and language competencies that will make possible their personal and professional development; 4 – Promote opportunities for the hosting organizations to strengthen partnerships and increase their capabilities, attractive power and international dimension; 5 – Raise awareness about volunteering’s value; 6 – Celebrate locally the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

  • 07

    Evs in Austria

    We are a Catholic parish in the 15. district of Vienna. We regard our parish work as not limited through any culture, religion, party or nationality. Especially as believers we experience working with all people of good will as an enrichment. One main working area is in various children and youth groups. In our parish there is the catholic kindergarten “Maria Salesia” which has explicitly the aim to provide children lots of social tasks, values and skills in order to develop a strong and healthy personality. Apart from this structured youth work our organisation is an important link in a system of open youth work in our area. Additionally our organisation takes part in the struggle against poverty and social exclusion, with a project LeO, where poor people can come once a week and buy for the symbolic prize of 3,5 Euro food and can get social expert advice. An extra benefit is the possibility for volunteers to gain experiences in the intercultural and interreligious dialog.

  • Martes, 21
  • 03

    Evs in Lithuania

    The club is a perfect space for young people from 4 to 29 years old. Its friendly and professional mentors as well as administrating team are always there to help young people to develop their artistic abilities, discover enhancing projects (both national and international) and explore various means of self-expression. ''Satrija'' offers its members an opportunity to participate in various activities ranging from dance, music, art, theatre, to foreign languages, martial arts, chess or yoga. Club's vision is a modern and effective institution of non-formal education designed for children, youth and families.

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    Evs in Francia

    Le volontaire sera accueilli dans l’objectif principal de favoriser la sensibilisation à l’Europe et à la diversité des cultures, des jeunes de la MFR, et par ce biais de renforcer leur sentiment d’appartenance à l’Europe et leur citoyenneté européenne. Les activités et les interventions du volontaire promouvront la connaissance de l’autre, le respect des différences, la curiosité et la compréhension interculturelle chez les publics cibles et chez le volontaire. Une partie des activités se déroulera au sein de la MFR, et seront intégrés à sa vie quotidienne (lors des cours, des veillées…). Le volontaire sera aussi impliqué dans des temps forts de la vie de l’association : les Portes Ouvertes en janvier et mars, les Commissions Vie Résidentielle, l’Assemblée Générale en décembre et la Semaine de la mobilité en novembre. Ainsi il aura comme mission de donner plus de place à l’Europe dans la vie de la MFR.

  • Lunes, 20
  • 21

    Evs in Slovenia

    Športni in mladinski center Piran, Mladinski EPI center Piran is a youth center, established by the municipality of Piran. The center operates in two locations in the slovenian coast - in Piran and in Lucija. The youth center aims to provide young people living or going to school in the Municipality of Piran with the following:a safe place where they can spend their free time, organized extracurricular activities (theatre, language clubs, arts etc.), support and guidance,  help with homework and studying,  international youth exchanges,  volunteering opportunities,  career orientation activities and more. Both youth centers are open from Monday to Friday in the afternoon (except on public holidays). During the summer (and other school holidays), we organize activities for children aged 6 to 10 years old in the form of a «day camp». MORE INFO AND APPLICATION PROCEDURE:

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    Evs in UK

    The Crescent is a vibrant community arts centre & cultural hub where everyone can experience the power of the arts & develop their creativity. We provide opportunities for people to meet, be inspired, experience & participate in a wide range of art forms & our offering is simple: each week we have a host of live events & offer a diverse learning programme. Please see below & our website for further information. The Volunteer will mainly be supporting the Marketing Officer but will also have an opportunity to experience many aspects of the functions required to run a busy & successful multi-disciplined arts centre including box office, front of house, programming, events & festivals & will benefit from a tailored programme that will aim to take account of the volunteers own skills & interests.

  • Viernes, 17
  • 12

    Evs with Strim in Krakow

    STRIM are going to host 32 new volunteers in Krakow, Polonia.
    It is an opportunity for volunteers to gain skills they may use in their future careers.
    We organize trainings, seminars, conferences, meetings, workshops and exchanges. Working for other organizations and institutions, organizing for them and with them.

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