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Noticias publicadas en Junio, 2019
  • Jueves, 20
  • Hamburgo

    Evs in Hamburg, Germany

    Gefangene helfen Jugendlichen e.V. is a recognized provider of child and youth welfare services based in Hamburg that offers violence and crime prevention projects for already delinquent or vulnerable young people between the ages of 10 and 21, which are carried out directly by (former) detainees. As a volunteer, you will be able to develop your skills in many different fields by assisting us in the planning, execution, and documentation of projects. You will have the task to support us in office management and to communicate with our member and customers. One important task will be helping with fundraising and supporting us in public relations.

  • aq

    Evs in Panciu, Romania

    The project „Mind the Solidarity” will include volunteers form different EU countries; according to their interests/competences they could be involved in different socio-educational activities in Panciu (Judet Vrancea): - at the Daily Centre Pinocchio with children (3-16 y.o.); - at the Kindergarden nr. 1 of with children 3-6 y.o.; - at the Documentation and Information Centre of the "Ioan Slavici" Theoretical High School; - at the Social Residential Centre for elderly people. - at the Family Modules for orphans minors in Panciu.

  • Womens

    Evs in Belfast, United Kingdom

    The Erasmus+ volunteers will be based in 2 different Refuges (1 in Belfast, 1 in Lisburn), which provide safe accommodation for women and children who have suffered domestic violence. The volunteer activities will focus on the children, helping to provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for them. Most of the E+ volunteers' tasks will be based in the Refuge Playrooms, playing with the children and contributing to new ideas for regular or seasonal activities. The volunteers will also regularly help in the Creche and there will also be group work with children and young people. There may be a possibility to work with the women later in the placement, but this is NOT guaranteed. Volunteers will live in shared accommodation with E+ volunteers from different projects. The shared houses are in South and East Belfast and the volunteers will travel daily to the Refuge or creche. Sending Organisations for this project have already been identified.

  • 6

    Evs in Strasbourg, France

    !!! Only for european citizens !!! ICE-RF recrute des volontaires européens, pour effectuer un Service Civique (statut français du volontariat), dans une structure française, un EHPAD, dans l'accompagnement de personnes âgées. La mission se déroulera du 02/09/2019 au 31/07/2020. Il est demandé à chaque volontaire de participer à une préparation de 2,5 semaines au mois d'août 2019, à Niederbronn les Bains. !!! Uniquement disponible pour les citoyens européens !!! (statut service civique français) ICE-RF is recruiting european volunteers to do a Service Civique (french voluntary statute) in a french structure, an "EHPAD", in the aim of helping elderly people. The mission is from the 02/09/2019 to the 31/07/2020. All volunteer has to take part on a 2,5 weeks preparation in august 2019, in Niederbronn-les-Bains. !!! Only for european citizens !!! (because of the french service civique statute)

  • Jueves, 6
  • 06

    Evs in Furstenwalde

    Jusev is looking for 1 volunteer, from From 01/09/2020 to 01/08/2020, for  Jugendbasis Alpha 1 in Furstenwalde, Germany,  to opening the "Jugendbasis Alpha 1" and preparation for the daily youth club enterprise organisation and execution of the club enterprise:

    - buy support of small meals and drinks,

    - contacting and relationship building at the bar (sale of meals and drinks) and over common activities like table tennis, billiard or something     similar with the young people

    - assistance with homework

    - execution of sport-oriented offers, like table football, billiard or playful activities, organisation of own projects for example dancing group

    - support of activity groups, for example football, boxing, dancing or cooking

    - sport-oriented activities and games

  • 05

    Evs in Frankfurt

    Jusev is looking for 1 volunteer, from From 01/09/2020 to 01/08/2020, for  Globales Lernen an Oder und Spree in Helsingør, Germany,  to be a support of co-workers in development, preparation, implementation and follow-up of educational projects
    documentation and public relations and networking are also included in the activity
    organization of workshops by kindergarten to senior group on issues such as production and trade / fair, trade of food, clothing, mobile phones, flowers, and sporting goods 
    independent preparing, executing and post-processing of smaller offers and work in small groups
    support in public actions (information and promotional stands, exhibitions, etc.)
    work in different areas of the store service in collaboration with the “Weltladen” belonging to the Association of Puerto Alegre e.V. (purchasing, pricing out, decorating, selling)
    research work and updating of educational materials

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