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Noticias publicadas en Diciembre, 2019
  • Viernes, 13
  • denmark

    Evs Projects in Denmark 40 vacancies

    How to apply:

    Interested candidates must fill in Dansk ICYE’s application form (you can find it here: it is attached to this email) and send it to this e-mail address: Applications are only accepted via e-mail and with our application form.We would appreciate it if you could spread our call in your network of young people and help us find suitable volunteers.

  • Martes, 3
  • Amantea

    Evs in Amantea,Italy

    We want to boost the European Solidarity Corps program and promote the value of Solidarity and mutual respect through the involvement of two volunteers in our project MeDoV, acronym of Meet Up: Discover our Values through Volunteering. MeDoV aims to give our contribution to promote the value of Solidarity for a multicultural, open and fairer society involving volunteers in the activities of Convent Centre, making a difference and letting them have a real impact on our community. of Amantea. By implementing MeDoV with its four well-defined high-quality solidarity activities, we will achieve our goal which is to involve all levels of society, all ages in order to increase the impact and results of the project. Our designed activities are: #FunLab - Multilingual Lab, Il Salotto di Convent - Sharing Stories, Walk Together, Convent Periodiko. Different and more activities can be added by the volunteers.

  • Vila Nova

    Evs in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

    The Habitat Sinal + Europa project aims to promote solidarity through the voluntary work of young people with fewer opportunities, especially neet young people, through a framework of activities centered on the realization of European ideals and the promotion of the Euroregion concept among vulnerable groups of young people. children and adults / seniors in the Vale do Ave area.

  • Lunes, 2
  • North  Kessock,UK

    Evs Nort Kessock ,UK

    This project will work with 10 EVS volunteers from 4 countries (Spain, France, Hungary, Germany) in protecting biodiversity on our nature reserves, broadening experience by offering the opportunity to work on and experience a broad range of habitats across Scotland. Volunteers will also be involved in enhancing access opportunities and raising awareness of Scotland's natural heritage, thus protecting biodiversity by encouraging local communities to value and conserve their local natural resources. We aim to make volunteers much more employable by providing 12 month placements with varied work experience and training. Examples of activities will be: - Meadow management - targeted cutting and raking of site, control of bracken - Control of non-native invasive species – cutting & hand pulling - Peat bog management - removal of scrub and including installation of plastic dams - Woodland management and restructuring - removal of non native species, felling of timber

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