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Noticias publicadas en Marzo, 2017
  • Viernes, 31
  • Volunteering On & Off Stage

    Volunteering On & Off Stage (Number of volunteers 6), Goleniow Poland

    Theatre Brama Goleniow is looking for EVS volunteers (between the ages of 18-30) who are interested in doing a year of volunteer service in the field of Art & Culture. The project will assist the volunteer by introducing them to the possibilities of working with an alternative theatre and educational association - including planning and administrative work, researching, developing and creating performances, organizing events and festivals, promotion, technical assistance, teaching and performing. Theatre Brama travels frequently to perform in festivals and teach workshops.

  • Miércoles, 22

    EVS Volunteer in SLANY (near Praga) Czech Republic

    • EVS activity start: 01/07/2017
    • EVS activtity end: 30/06/2018

    Main objectives will be to bring the awareness of different cultures to the city Slaný, support the tolerance towards foreigners, to visit local schools and library to support learning of foreign languages, and promoting Erasmus+ projects.
    The tasks are mostly about creating and promoting intercultural events and workshops for local public or youth and creating outputs from them (language clubs, international evenings, hobby clubs), then it is also about increasing the opportunities of the locals to improve in foreign languages with specific emphasis on children attending local library and youth attending language clubs in YIC. They will also promote their experience with Erasmus+ program on social media (Facebook pages and Youtube channels), in local media and during visiting the schools and in library.

  • Miércoles, 15
  • EVS in Tyrol Austria

    EVS Volunteers for 2017-2018 in Austria

    The Application Deadline for all calls is on the 26th of March 2017. Please read the project descriptions carefully before applying.
    InfoEck - Jugendinfo Tirol is a sending, hosting and coordinating organisation for the European Voluntary Service (EVS). We cooperate with hosting organisations in Tyrol. We create the link between hosting organisations and EVS candidates and support both in finding each other.

  • Martes, 14
  • Hors Pistes / Book your EVS

    Hors Pistes / Book your EVS, Marseille France

    Hors Pistes (previously Pistes Solidaires Méditerranée) is an NGO, created in 2013, working on the field of non-formal education. It aims at promoting citizenship (equality, tolerance, altruism) in our intercultural society and interdependent world. The organisation is involved in training youngsters as “change makers”, through enabling meetings and exchange between youngsters from different cultures and various horizons.

    - Raise awareness about learning mobility
    - Support in the entire project-cycle: project writin, participants support, logistic organization, final reports writing
    - Prepare the pedagogical contents of events and workshops
    - Participate to the communication strategy of the organisation
    - Participate in other projects and everyday life of the organisation
    - Participation in “Youth exchanges and Training courses” field of the organisation (Sending and hosting)

  • Miércoles, 8
  • trendum

    Volunteering in NGO, Ostrava Czech Republic

    We are currently looking for two volunteers for the project EVS - Challenge accepted, that will be held in the Czech Republic in Ostrava. Volunteers will be working in our NGO and they will be involved in all activities we do. Volunteers will help with organising activities for our local community, with preparing and organising international projects for young people and youth workers, they will help with promotion of our activities and they will also prepare activities for kids in primary school we cooperate with. Volunteers will have many opportunities to realise their own activities and miniprojects. They will also help with preparing some activities for our local catholic church parish that we are in very close cooperation with, so we expect volunteers who have positive attitude to Christianity. We will give them opportunity to learn, what does it mean to work in NGO, how to work with different target groups, how to organise projects and many others.

  • Animation with young people,  Tarbes France

    Animation with young people, Tarbes France

    We have nice experiences of hosting volunteers at our place and we are willing to progress each year with the reception of a new young European volunteer.
    By integrating the animation and reception team the volunteer will contribute to realize the different activities of FJT. The objectives are the following: to support the meetings among the young people who stay at the youth hostel by creating a dynamic around the places of collective life, to promote the mobility of the young people, to make them sensible of the European dimension and to take part in the construction of Europe.
    The volunteer will be in contact with the youth who stays at the Youth Hostel and Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs and with the employees. This proximity gives him/her the possibility to go further into his/her knowledge on the French culture, on the youth in general, our professional practice.

  • Vertigem-Associação Promoção Património

    Cuckoo's farm, Arrimal (Portugal)

    This project aims to teach good environmental practices in a rural setting and a protected area.
    The project is developed in harmony and cooperation with the local community allowing to know the traditions and the local culture.
    These activities allow for interaction between the volunteers and the local community through simple tasks performed by volunteers, which develop sustainable agricultural practices and livestock production.
    The volunteers will participate in the activities, being integrated in groups of youth members, with whom they will collaborate in the following tasks:
    Composting System; Production of farm products (biological); Feeding the animals, take them to the pastures, maintenance of fences and stables, to milk, make cheese and bread; Participate in local campaing actions of cleaning forest.
    The volunteers will be accommodated in Bezerra's Ecological Residence.
    The food is provided to volunteers by the local service (3 daily meals) prepared by Vertigem’ cook.

  • Martes, 7
  • EVS in Tyrol Austria

    Youth Centre EVS at Yunit, Tirol, Austria

    The target group of Yunit are youngsters, aged between 9 and 17 years. They come from the town of Schwaz and surrounding villages and spend leisure time in the youth centre, supported by youth workers.The youth centre offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities and infrastructure (e.g. kicker, billiard, tournaments, DJ workstation, internet access, cooking possibilities, lunch time, workshops, dancing, concert facilities&equipment, girls’ room etc.). Young people who have problems or difficulties can seek support/advice from the youth workers or can just spend their time at the youth centre.
    Tasks & Activities are:
    •being part of the multiprofessional team
    •daily Contact with Youngsters who are sometimes not motivated
    •planning and organising youth leisure activities, making plans how to approach unmotivated youngsters (!)
    •doing simple bar work
    •bringing own ideas into the project
    •taking part in regular team meetings
    •EVS service is 35 hours per week

  • Viernes, 3
  • Jugendzentrum Gewölbe

    EVS in the Youth Centre "Jugendzentrum Gewölbe", Steyr Austria

    During the opening times the volunteer will be present in the youth centre with the youth leaders. The main task is “being there” for the young people. Eg. Playing table tennis, offering them a cup of tea, cooking together, giving them the opportunity to talk about what goes on in their life, motivating them to try out new things, games, activities.
    Beside that he/she will help the youth leaders to organise different projects, events (like excursions to interesting places, creativity workshops, intercultural cooking evenings, etc.) He/She will have the chance to bring in his/her own personality and culture. Depending on the skills and preferences of the volunteer he/s will be contributing what he/she can/wants to offer. Eg. Organising music workshops, a personal blog, creative decoration for the youth centre, designing flyers for the homepage etc. but also use his/her cultural background for a project, like an international evening.

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