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evs in Newbridge, Ireland

Project description

This solidarity project aims to give volunteers in-depth experience of using drama to explore issues with young people. We run a youth theatre for those aged 11years to 24 years. It also aims to provide a training and learning space for volunteers to practice drama facilitation, acting, running a youth theatre project, and managing a theatre company. The volunteers will shadow experienced drama facilitators in their work; plan and implement their own drama and/or film projects with our youth theatre; take part, if they wish, in productions along-side their peers; and receive one-to-one mentoring support. One of the main aims of our project is to create space for volunteers' personal and social development. Developing new skills we hope they will have higher chances of employment in the future. Our project's focus on social inclusion and equal opportunities for young people, as all our groups are mixed in terms of gender, social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

Crooked House pays for: - flight to Ireland and return at the end - visa costs, if applicable. We collect volunteeers at the airport and drive them to their accommodation. Volunteers live in a family home with and Irish family. They will have their own room to themselves, and will be able to freely use the house, kitchen etc. Usually, there will be only one volunteer in each house with the family. Crooked House pays the rent for this. Volunteers receive a montly allowance of €450, at the start of each month, to pay for food and living expenses. All houses are close to work.

Training during the project

Every Monday volunteers will receive 3 hours of Drama Facilitation training throughout most of the year. They will also do a weekly Skills-Share whhere they share their own skills with other volunteers. There will be training in Child Protection and in Health and Safety. They attend three training sessions for volunteers run by our national agency. They will also be able to attend training days in culture, youth work, and social issues. There will be 3 free weekly sessions in English learning. Training in acting will be given. Several trainings in youth work and social issues will be given.

Volunteer profile

Volunteers should: - have some experience of drama. Ideally volunteers will have theatre performance experience. However, you may have studied it in school or university. Or you may have directed a play or acted in one. - be aged 20 to 30. Some exceptions to this may be made but we favour those aged at least 20. - have initiative – ie, they are able to start their own work - be prepared for cold, dark and wet winters - be able to work in flexible, changing, and organically structured environments. - be able to work alone and in groups. - be creative.

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