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Evs in Castres, France


Project description

The ”Ludothèque Castraise”, is an association that offers entertainment around games and toys and organizes a leisure centre on Wednesdays and during school holidays, we offer to 2 volunteers in CES to participate for twelve months in the life of the association. The project objective is to educate members and particularly the children to respect the diversity of cultures with fun activities such as support. Our objectives are the following: -Make a lot of games and toys available to everyone. - Stimulate the sense of responsibility and inter-age and inter-neighborhood dialogue with play or toys as a support for relationships. - To make both the games and toys of yesterday and those of today better known, without borders. The presence of volunteers reinforces these objectives and reinforces the European dimension and the values of solidarity that we promote. With this project we want to make Europe and cultural diversity more accessible and tangible for all our members.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

You will be sharing a flat with two other volunteers .The flat is located near the city and the Ludotèque. It’s composed of three single bedrooms , kitchen and a living room, all of which are fully equipped with bed sheets and blankets, towels, washing maching, oven, microwave, etc. The volunteers will receive pocket money (180 €) and money for food. The volunteers are preparing their meals themselves, except for Wednesdays when you will have lunch together with the kids. The public transportation in town (bus) is free and every volunteer will have their own bicycle.

Training during the project

The volunteers will participate at the ON-Arrival Training and the Mid-Term Evaluation whch are organised by the national ageny.

Volunteer profile

No special qualifications are needed to participate in the different activities of our project. However, these are two important requirements for you to get the most out of your volunteering experience: The wish to work in a team together with children, and to be motivated to perform the various activities that our structure is proposing to the volunteer The volunteers will be sharing a flat, so he or she must respect and be tolerant with the others and be responsible and autonomous for the common duties

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