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Evs in Ruiselede, Belgium



De Zande is a juvenile detention center for boys and girls between 12 and 18 years old. The youngsters are placed here by the juvenile court, because of a living situation that is unbearable, or because they committed a crime. The boys and girls go through a pedagogical and didactic-educational program. We provide tailored guidance for every youngster who enters our facility. The result we have in mind is to facilitate the learning opportunities for the young people in our institutions and on the other hand for the volunteers. We want our young people to get the chance to learn from the volunteers by talking, exchanging experiences and by being able to see an example of taking part in the society in a positive way. The volunteer will be an example for the youngster in everyday activities.


We will arrange a hostel in the historical city Bruges or sparkling student city in Ghent. The transport to the institution is included (train/ bus /bike). During the day the volunteer can eat in the institution. We also provide a daily budget for the free time moments. Every decision will be made in cooperation (Skype/ mail/ telephone) with the applying volunteer.


Every volunteer will take part in the pre-departure and on arrival training and also during their staying in the mid-term evaluation. For every volunteer we provide a reception day ( introducing the mentor and coordinators in the institution, the building, the youngsters, ...). We also provide linguistic support (English / French / Dutch), and training in the didactic and pedagogical methodics we use in our daily program.


We are looking for volunteers ...who want to… • join a dynamic and flexible team • make an emphatic connection with children with a diverse social background • explore the talents of our teenagers who wants to develop themselves • help our youngsters to become independent and self-sufficient adults in a good way • provide support in the educational-didactical process … who … • can express himself of herself in French, English, German or Dutch • Is interested in the various methods that are used in our youth care system

How to apply

In order to check it you can apply for this project, you must first Sing In or Join the Corps.

Village centre, with town hall and church of Our Lady














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