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Evs in Kokemaki, Finland

  • Sending organisation:   Universidad de Alicante e-Mail:
  • Location: Kokemaki, Finland
  • Project dates: A total of 8 week(s) during the period 01/03/2020 to 31/10/2020
  • Application deadline: No application deadline



Next possible start dates are in spring 2020, length of stay flexible between 2-6 months. Application forms + CVs ( motivation letter optional) by email to by 15.1.2020. Cultural Collective Kukoistus is located at the Korkeaoja village in the western part of Finland, some 40km from the coastline. We work here on various projects centered around art, ecology and building. Some of us live in the village and others in nearby cities. Our aims are to increase the opportunities for artistic work in the Finnish countryside and combining art with living close to the land while promoting sustainability and ecological values. Our operation is centered at the old main house and it’s surroundings at Korkeaoja organic farm. Among our ongoing long-term projects are the creation of an international residency for artists.


Accommodation is in the residency house (8 rooms and a shared kitchen). There is usually 1-2 other people staying in the house, sometimes more during busier summer months and during events. Volunteers can prepare their meals in the shared kitchen. There is also a wood heated sauna, and artificial lake with a tiny beach and a barbecue & chill out spot. The closest shops, services, train and bus stations re 15km from Korkeaoja. There is no public transport, but we organize rides as needed. We have bicycles. Distance to Pori, the nearest city is 30km.


Among our ongoing long-term projects are the creation of an international residency for artists and the establishment of a communal edible forest garden. In addition we organize a wide range of festivals, exhibitions, workshops and seminars. We are also renovating an old stone barn to function as a multi-purpose workspace. The residency is aimed for people of all ages and all cultures and backgrounds. see more


We are looking for volunteers interested in art, ecology, gardening, building, and life in the countryside. Qualities we look for: creativity, self-initiative, flexibility, patience, social skills and a positive outlook. From spring to autumn we have more people staying here, so getting along with random people is important, while from autumn to winter things tend to quiet down and tolerance towards quiet and solitude can also be important. There are several unfinished projects going on simultaneously so capacity to handle some unpredictability is good to have.


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