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At Leonard Cheshire ESC volunteers help support our staff teams in providing an active, involving and stimulating environment for our residents. Through our overseas volunteers, disabled people in our care homes are able to access their local community services and social opportunities more easily and regularly, thus improving their independence and quality of life. In their roles ESC volunteers are engaged in a wide range of activities both inside and outside the home. They may be required to accompany residents on activity weekends and short holidays, as well to provide support to those users who have regular work, education or volunteering commitments. Volunteers will offer their ideas on art and craft, gardening, cooking, exercise, social clubs, outings and other activities based on their skills and passions. While it is a lot of fun going out with residents, it is also very challenging as volunteers experience first hand the issues faced by people with disabilities everyday.


Volunteers will be accommodated in a Chalet that contains 5 bedrooms, a shower and toilet room, a bathroom and a separate toilet room. The Chalet has a communal kitchen and living room complete with washing machine and free Wi-Fi. The Chalet is separate but on-site with Hydon Hill and other similar chalets for our support staff.


Training is provided to all our volunteers including specific information about each person receiving direct support. This information is likely to include individual support needs, interests, likes and dislikes, etc. Risk assessments ensure that volunteers are not asked to contribute outside of their capability or boundaries. Volunteers acquire a range of knowledge, skills and experience including a greater understanding of the issues affecting disabled people. There will also be able to learn about the wider activities of the charity, for example our campaigning or fundraising activities.


It is important that the volunteers are eager to learn and have an interest in working with disabled people. It can be demanding and emotionally difficult to support our customers and it will require patience, empathy, understanding and confidence. It is therefore an advantage if volunteers have some experience with and/or exposure to disability prior to their placement. We expect candidates to have a proactive attitude, a drive to try new activities, plus a willingness to share their interests with the residents and staff.

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