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Evs in Finland

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

The 2 volunteers will live together in Turenki. They will have their seperate rooms, shared living area and sauna. The flat is close to the town center, markets, forests, lakes, bus and train stations. They will have their bikes, a food account in the closest supermarket and a bus card to go to Hämeenlinna, a bigger city 20 km away. Janakkala is quite small municipality (about 17 000 inhabitants) 100 kilometres from our capital Helsinki. There are two main areas in Janakkala: Turenki and Tervakoski. Janakkala offers a comfortable setting; all major southern Finnish cities are easy to reach.


Training during the project

There are two trainings during the project: on-arrival training in September and mid-term training in January. During those trainings they will meet some of the other European Volunteers in Finland. Volunteers will also go to the finnish language course in Hämeenlinna twice per week. There is also a possibility to have english language course if needed.


Volunteer profile

We are very motivated to host Erasmus+ volunteers here in Janakkala. We co-operate closely with sending organizations and we want to make perfect projects for every participants. The volunteers should be really willing to share their culture and knowledge. They have to be ready to become role models for the youth of Janakkala and show positive example in everyday life. We hope that volunteers will be self-confident, independent, open-minded, motivated and ready to work with children and youngsters.

How to apply

In order to check it you can apply for this project, you must first Sing In or Join the Corps.



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