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Sending out and receiving teaching staff by means of the Erasmus+ programme or the UA Internationalisation Programme is very beneficial, as teaching can generate added value to a certain subject in an official syllabus. This also benefits students as they have the opportunity to deal with different themes and approaches and different teaching methodologies. They also find themselves needing to communicate or read bibliographies in a foreign language and they are given first-hand information from the university where the visiting lecturer has been to, and so on. All of this contributes to the progressive internationalisation of universities and, in short, to building the European Higher Education Area.



  • Application documentation:
  1. Mobility Agreement
    1. Mobility Agreement (KA103 y KA107)
    2. Mobility Agreement (Internationalisation)
  • Documentation to be submitted prior to mobility (at least one month before)
  1. Grant Agreement. Applicants must submit tow copies. (Exclusively for actions KA103 and KA107)
    1. Grant Agreement KA103
    2. Grant Agreement KA107
  2. Application for secondment without additional extra payment
  • Supporting documentation (15 days after the mobility stay)
  1. Certificate of Attendance
    1. Certificate of Attendance (KA103)
    2. Certificate of Attendance (KA107)
    3. Certificate of Attendance (Internationalisation)
  2. EU Survey. (Exclusively for actions KA103 y KA107)
  3. Original travel expense receipts.
  4. Original accommodation expense receipts.
  5. Final report

IMPORTANT NOTE: Beneficiaries who have not submitted the required documentation within the deadlines and under the terms conditions described for this call for applications will be considered to have implicitly renounced mobility actions (and consequently the funding involved).

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