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Framework Convetion

Mobility S.I.C.U.E.


MEETING: (signatory rectors and President of the CRUE)


  • FIRST.- The Office of the University autonomy is achieved in a manner more fully and effectively if intensify all possible forms of inter-university cooperation.
  • SECOND.- One of the manifestations of inter-university cooperation more effective for the improvement of the quality of education, for the benefit of students, is to promote systems which favour the mobility of students promoting the development of exchange programmes.
  • THREE.- That the establishment of exchange programmes between Spanish universities, to complement the international exchange programs already developed, has a high value training enable students to participate and experience different educational systems and promote knowledge of social and cultural aspects of other autonomous communities.
  • FOURTH.- Adopted the Exchange system between Spanish university centres (SICUE) at the meeting of the Assembly General of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish universities held on July 13, 1999.

For the foregoing

  • FIRST.-establish a programme of mobility of students between Spanish universities which shall be governed by the rules of the SICUE, contained in the annex to this Convention.
  • SECOND.-authorize the Standing Committee of the Conference of Rectors of the Spanish universities (CRUE) so heard the University network for Student Affairs (RUNAE), take specific measures for its implementation in place.
  • THIRD.-Provide and exchange information on academic and teaching, to assess adequately the proposals of Exchange that are formulated at subscribing universities and ensure the proper functioning of the program. To this end, the CRUE will act technical Office.
  • FOURTH.-This agreement will be indefinitely valid, while not be denounced by any of the parties, and shall enter into force on signature and ratification, as appropriate, according to the channel established by the statutes of the universities signed.

In Getafe, to 27 September 1999.


SIGNATURES: (Rectors of universities signed Convention and Chairman of the CRUE)



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