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In order to limit the spread and contagion of the Covid-19, exceptional measures have been taken so that, from this moment, all the uninitiated exchange programs for the staff and students at the University of Alicante are cancelled (according to RESOLUTION March 12th, 2020, of the Department of Universal Health and Public Health).

Instructions for mobilities already started:

UA students:

Regarding students who are abroad and are going to continue there, in the event that the destination university has enabled online teaching, in case of closure, they can follow this methodology.

If the decision is to return to Spain, they should contact their Faculty / EPS and request a curricular adaptation to continue studies at the UA or follow the online program of their destination university.

Students admitted to the UA (Incoming):

If they return to their country of origin by imposition of their authorities, or by their own decision, we understand that in this case it is the university of origin that must provide its students with a plan to continue their studies. In any case, the UA can contribute to the extent of its possibilities in case they want to continue teaching online and sending, where appropriate, the evaluation tests to their university.

If they decide to stay in Alicante and continue studying at the UA, they will be able to receive online teaching, as far as possible, just like the rest of the students at this university.

On Saturday, March 14, the Spanish Government activated the state of alert nationwide. If you are still in Spain, freedom of movement is restricted. Leaving home is only allowed under the following eight circumstances:

  1. Shopping for food/groceries, pharmaceuticals and basic necessities.
  2. Going to health centres/hospital.
  3. Going to work.
  4. Returning to your home residence.
  5. Assistance and care of the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people.
  6. Going to financial entities (e.g. banks).
  7. Due to force majeure or situations of necessity.
  8. Any other activity of a justified analogous (comparable) nature (e.g. walking your dog).


Use of vehicles will also be permitted in order to go to petrol stations.

The state of alert will be effective for fifteen days but could be extended.


Before making a decision, it is recommended to contact the home or destination university to find out the forecast of the situation.

We advise to follow at all times the indications, instructions and recommendations of:

1. The local authorities of the country of origin

2. The home university and the University of Alicante

3. Those of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation (MAUC), which can be found at the following link:

If it was not done at the time, we suggest registering in the Travelers Registry of the Embasy of the origin country in Spain or in its App, and that you always have on hand the 24-hour telephone number of the Embasy and the assistance telephone number of the insurance policy.

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