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Undergraduate Programmes

INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES (Erasmus+, Non-European Mobility, Santander)

Official degree courses 

In agreement with the Bologna process, which seeks to integrate education systems in Europe, the University of Alicante has adapted its credit system to that of the ECTS.

1 ECTS credit equates to 25 hours of work in total: class contact hours (40%) and student independent work (60%); for example, if the course is allocated 6 ECTS, 60 hours are in class and 90 are of independent work from the student.

The normal work for students per semester is 30 ECTS, or 3-5 courses per semester.

Important: exchange students must select their courses in the subject area that has been approved on their bilateral agreement; those are the courses that are available on their UA Online Learning Agreement

How to find course details, (Contents, Assessment, Timetable, language of instruction, etc.), two ways:

Note: Timetables are updated annually in May.


Degree courses offered in English

Those subjects are just allowed to be taken provided that they are available in the online learning agreement. .

At the UA all official degree courses are taught in Spanish, so it is highly recommended to have a good knowledge of the Spanish language; but there are a number of degree subjects taught in English too, that is, one class group is taught in English.

Find here the Courses in English. Click on the area of studies and then the course links for detailed info such as timetable, competences and objectives, contents, evaluation, etc.

The students should check the courses that are offered before the beginning of each exchange period.

- The degree courses taught in English at the UA can be also  be found by Faculty at:


Spanish Language course

This is the Spanish language course aimed at international exchange students.You can find all the information on this course, timetable and enrollment on this web.


Non-official courses

Moreover, the University of Alicante offers courses which do not belong to the official studies: special courses and activities (less than 200-hour courses). If exchange students are interested in these courses, they must follow the procedure established by the office responsible for the particular course they want to take, and pay the fee, if required to do so.

These special courses cannot be included in the Learning Agreement.

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