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Medical assistance

Compulsory health insurance

All students must have medical insurance during their stay at the University of Alicante. It is the students responsibility to provide themselves with medical coverage before arrival.

European Union, Norway and Switzerland students

Students from the European Union, the Economic European Area and Switzerland, can apply for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in their country of origin.

The EHIC is individual and certifies the holder the right to receive healthcare which is normally covered by the statutory health care system (public system) in Spain.

Non European Union students

Those students who cannot get the European Health Insurance Carec (EHIC) must have a private health insurance and contact their insurance company when needed.

Aragis the company the University of Alicant eworks with, but the student can contract it with the company of their choice.


Formalities on arrival in Alicante for EU, Norway and Switzerland students

Once in Alicante, students that have the EHIC must register with the Department of Health and Social Security near their home address in Alicante, in order to get a General Practitioner (family doctor) assigned to them. A list of all the Health Centres in Alicante is given below:




Gerona C/ Gerona, 24 966478900
Campoamor Plaza América,4 965936401
Santa Faz-Ayuntamiento Pza. Santísima Faz, 7 965918134
Hospital Provincial C/ Dr. Sapena, s/n 965918370
Los Ángeles C/ Linares, 9 965937270
San Blas C/ Maestro Latorre, 9 965918221
Babel C/ Fernando Madroñal, 13-15 965110642
Florida C/ Fernando Madroñal, 9-11 965918521
Parque Lo Morant C/ Maestro Alonso, 109 965627871
Juan XXIII C/ Cronista Vte Martínez Morell, s/n 965918355
Ciudad Jardín C/ del Clot, s/n 965918105
Cabo Huertas C/ Arpón, 9 965918313
Sant Vicent del Raspeig I   C/ Ptda Canastell, 16 965678951
Sant Vicent del Raspeig II  Avda Alicante, 78 965677371


Health unit at the UA

At the University of Alicante there is a health unit for minor medical problems (headache, flu, etc) that can happen while you are on Campus.No appointment is needed, just go to the ‘Servicio de Prevencion medica’ and ask for the Doctor.
Free for local and exchange students.

Location: Edificio Polivalente’ Building n.6 , (near the Sports Center on campus).

For any other cases, students must go to  their Health Centres.

Public Hospitals in Alicante

For emergencies (accidents, serious health problems), the students with European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can go to the “Urgencias” department at these two Hospitals in Alicante or phone the emergency telephone number 112:




Hospital General de Alicante C\ Pintor Baeza 12 112
Hospital de San Juan Ctra. Nacional 332 s/n 112



Pharmacists in Spain are more highly-trained than in some countries and will provide treatment advice for many common illnesses. They work very differently than they do in other countries as there are medications which are readily available over the counter without a prescription, some medications that are strictly prescription drugs in other countries (such as antibiotics) are commonly available over-the-counter. Medicines tend to cost significantly less than in other countries due to state imposed price restrictions.

The brand names of some medications will change from country to country so you need to make yourself aware of the generic name so that you have an idea what to ask for when you are in Spain. When medications are issued they are not measured out into bottles as in some other European countries, but they are in boxes with a set number of tablets in each box. Pharmacists are not permitted to split the boxes, so you may end up with more medication than you actually need. Some medications will require a ‘receta’ or prescription and the doctor or GP will issue it for you after you visit him/her.

There are some 24 hour Pharmacies in Alicante but you may also search for ’Farmacias de Guardia’ as some take turns to provide an out-of-hours service (at night and for holidays)

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