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Course Registration

International Exchange Programmes (Erasmus+, Global Mobility, Santander) 

At the first Information Meeting, exchange students are informed about the procedure to register for the subjects. The course registration is required to take the exams and to obtain the grades on the Transcript of Records.

IMPORTANT: International students attend classes from the first day of the course (see academic calendar), even if the registration is done later (see below).This way, during the first two weeks of classes, the students can attend all classes and groups they are interested in to help them decide on their final enrollment choices.

Online course self-registration (Automatrícula)

The students have to register for the official subjects via the Virtual Campus, the intranet of the UA, once they are in the University of Alicante.

Instructions for the  online registration

  • Exchange students (Erasmus+ students  and those coming from partners universities
  • Visiting students

Online course registration periods

  • First semester: from 3 to 22 September 2019
  • Second  semester: from 15 January to 9 February 2020
IMPORTANT remarks for course registration:
  • Course registration: class groups

Due to the number of students, some courses are divided into different groups, usually taught by different teachers and with different timetables, and in some cases offered in several languages (Spanish, Valencian, English).

The students can choose among the different class groups available which one they wish to attend. During the course registration (Automatrícula), the student has to indicate the  class group chosen (Theory group)..

 Exchange students cannot  register in  groups 51,52 and 21. Any doubt about this matter, ask the Mobility Office.

Full year exchange students: 2nd semester course registration

Those students who exchange the full academic year will be able to add or delete subjects for the 2nd semester from 20 to 1 January 2019 at the Mobility Office.

Course registration and Learning agreement online

  • The students cannot register in courses that are not offered on their UA Learning Agreement online.
  • The courses the student is registered in have to coincide with the list of the courses included in their final UA Learning Agreement online
After course registration, exchange students can only make changes to their course registration and learning agreement once. It is also possible to change class groups in case of timetable clashes.
  • 1st semester: till the 27th September 2019.
  • 2nd semester: till the 14th February 2020.

Those students whose UA learning agreement on line doesn’t match with the course registration choices, will be required to resolve this matter at the Mobility Office. Attending this appointment is mandatory.

Mobility Office

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