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Assessment and transcript of records


Exchange students following courses at the UA are expected to undertake the same academic work and type of assessments as home students.

The assessment is carried out through exams, exams plus course work, or any other requirement established by the teacher.

Transcript of records (eTranscript)

The Mobility Office will send the students' official Transcript of Records (eTranscript) to the International Office at the home institutions via email, on the following dates:
  • Around the end of February/beginning of March:  1st semester results.
  • Around the end of June/beginning of July:  2nd semester results
  • Around the end of July: extraordinary (re-sit) exams.

The eTranscript  is electronically signed with a stamp from the Regional Agency for Technology and Electronic Certification. It can be verified using the secure verification code (CSV in Spanish) shown on the document at:

Marks sheet

Those students who need the marks/grades before the dates indicated above, can use the Marks Sheet. This document has to be completed by the teachers with the student's result and it  also has to be signed and stamped by them.

This document is optional for both the students and the teachers.

Certificate of class attendance

ECTS credits will only be awarded to the students who successfully complete the courses by passing the examinations or other assessments.

If students need a Class Attendance Certificate, they should talk to the lecturer at the beginning of the semester, so that the latter can monitor the student's attendance and provide the certificate.

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