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Application procedure and acceptance


Exchange students must come from UA's partner institutions and must first be nominated by the international office at the home institution.

Student nomination by partner institutions

The University of origin must send a list of the exchange students selected to study at the UA to the following e-mail address:

In that message, the following student details must appear:

  • Name and surname
  • Subject Area (according to the Bilateral Agreement)
  • Exchange study period
    • First semester (September - January)
    • Full academic year (September - June)
    • Second semester (January - June)

The UA, by email, will provide the home institution with a Username and a Password for their nominated students to apply online. The home institution should pass them on to their students so they can enter the online application form.

Nomination deadlines:

  •  First semester / Full academic year: till 1 June
  •  Second semester: till  1 November

Online application procedure

After nomination by home institution, exchange students have to complete the application procedure online (No hard copies are needed). Deadlines:

  • till 15 June, for the 1st semester
  • till 15 November for the 2nd semester

The students have to complete the following steps:

1. Online Application Form

The students must fill in the Online Application Form, using the Username and Password that was sent to the International office at the home institution; on the form, they must also upload:

  1. The scanned copy of their ID document (PDF format).
  2. The scanned copy of their home university transcript of records ( marks achieved to date in your degree) in PDF format.

Once the online application form has been successfully submitted, the students will receive an on-screen confirmation message with their UA e-mail address.

After 24 hours, they can continue to the next step.

2. Obtaining UACloud Virtual Campus Password

The students have to go to this web page in order to create their UACloud Virtual Campus Password by following these instructions

 (Attention: the students need to enter the same passport or ID number they used on the online application).

3. Student Card Online Application

In their UA Cloud Virtual Campus (available only in Spanish), they must apply for their University Student Card; they will have to upload a scanned passport photo (see instructions).

4. Online Learning Agreement proposal (Before filling in the online LA, the students should read  Online Learning Agreement and Courses offered  for further info)

The students have to fill in and submit their preliminary Learning Agreement through UA Cloud Virtual Campus (see instructions), in the following periods:

          May 15 to June 15, for the 1st semester
          May 15 to November 15, for the 2nd semester

The UA Academic Coordinator will review it and will then contact the students by email; once approved, the student can save or print the Learning Agreement proposal, digitally signed by the UA coordinator, at any time on the UACloud VC ( Pdf format).

Notification of provisional acceptance

The University of Alicante will notify the students of their provisional acceptance by email, once they have completed the online application procedure:

  • during July, for those students coming for the 1st semester or full academic year, and
  • during December, for those students coming for the 2nd semester.

Exchange students will be definitively accepted when they join the University of Alicante.

ATTENTION: The students have to join the University of Alicante on the Orientation Session day assigned by this university. The date and more details of that session will be communicated by e-mail once the respective application period is closed.

Letter of acceptance: Non-European countries

Only students not belonging to the European Union countries will receive a Letter of acceptance as a downloadable digitally signed document, in order that they can apply for their visa.
Letters are normally sent by the end of May or December (according to the semester they have been selected for), provided that the student has completed the 4 steps outlined in the section "Online application procedure".

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