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Payment of the grant


Payment of the grant aid will be paid after carrying out the activities requested under the programme and the payment will be made effective by means of bank transfer, once the beneficiary has been filed in the Office of mobility the following documentation:

  • Original and copy of the certificate of the Agency, Department, organizing etc. of the activity stating that the beneficiary has participated.
  • Original invoices for the purpose of the aid:
    • 1. Original justification for the receipt of the payment of the registration to the activity.
    • 2. Original receipts for the expenses of lodging and transportation (Bill for accommodation, tickets of the means of transport in case of car petrol tickets, tickets of motorways, and Declaration of having made the journey in own car). Never include intercity transport.
  • Commitment of the beneficiary (statement by the beneficiary does not receive other funding for the same concept, i.e. accommodation, displacement or registration, in your case).
  • In addition, to get economic aid, students must provide:
    • 1. Copy of the identity document.
    • 2. Copying the data from a bank account in which the beneficiary of the aid is holder or co-holder.
    • 3. Third-party file (personal data form). Tutorial: com emplenar el formulari

Travel expenses are set according to table of displacement on the basis of each one of the DRAC. It will always be for journeys exceeding 50 km from the University of origin.

Also, accommodation costs will not exceed the amount stipulated by the AU in the Manual of economic management (in particular, in annex 9 of liquidation commissions service). In other words, 65.97; except where the activity takes place in Barcelona, that the aid amounts to 85.76; and in Perpignan, which amounts to 117.06.

At the University of Alicante, the regime of AD (bed and breakfast) is only subject to payment.

At the UA, the aid in respect of registration shall be paid provided that present the original of the transfer or receipt.

Granted aid applications that have not been properly justified will fall on their right to any payment. Also, if the justified total amount is less than the aid requested first of all, receive the justified part (excluding aid by displacement, which always conform to the existing category of displacement in the call).

Finally, shall be deemed that recipients that have not submitted the documentation of having completed activity in the period of one month since that this took place renounce tacitly aid.


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