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Experience Manuel Bueno Fustel


My name is Manuel, I am a member of the city village fusion project. I am part of the team in the village, we have three projects related to rural values, environmental education and gardening .We are in the middle of volunteering and I would like to tell you a little about what we do and how we work.

I'm going to write about gardening since I come from Spain and in the area where I live we work hard on it, in the village of my grandparents we have many types of crops and the way of working the crops is somewhat different. Here in Hungary I am learning many interesting things to be able to carry out later in my country, I also try to contribute techniques that we do in my country to carry out here in hungary .The organization is based in Szaporca and gardening is in Tésenfa. There we have a great space to learn, cultivate and sometimes teach the little ones. All the gardening is ecological, we do not use prodructos that can alter to the vegetables or other products harmful for the health. All the products that we cultivate are 100% natural and of a high quality, I can tell you from good hand that I ate all and are delicious. We also have a greenhouse, this is something new for me and I am learning a lot about it, we have many varieties of tomatoes, some cucumbers and peppers: paprika, bors, in magyarul language.

In short, gardening is one of the things I enjoy the most, but you should also know that it is a very hard job and as it is said in my country; Who sows collect, means that the hard worker will have good rewards.

To finish I would like to talk about a more personal project but also very interesting that I have been doing these months with the children of the town training them to football, I think it has been a very good experience because they like football but before these training they did not have A lot of idea of how to play and is something that makes them distract since here in the town also they do not have many activities to do.
Thank you very much for reading these lines.


Regards: Manuel Bueno Fustel.

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