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European Solidarity Corps (ESC)


  • Directed to young people who take part individually or jointly in non-profit and unpaid activities in a different country from their own.International volunteering is established as a mechanism for the promotion and coordination of solidarity values, civic action and social responsibility among students in our university and also as a tool for education and training  complementary to education that students receive.
  • The program is aimed at facilitating the active participation of students in civil society, the promotion of collective learning and knowledge and acceptance of different cultures


  • To provide students with criteria of solidarity, tolerance, commitment and respect.
  • To promote reflection and criticism.
  • To Promote teamwork and strengthen mechanisms for conflict resolution and the development of constructive solutions.
  • To promote the personal and professional training of students through the solidarity participation

¿How to participate?

  • If you are between 18 and 30 years ols and interested in living a volunteer experience in another country, stop by our office and we will inform you of the differents options
  • We will contact with institutions or associations of other countries.
  • You can go with a financial assistance for displacement, and all paid costs of maintenance, accommodation and health insurance

Practical Handbook

  • If you want to know more about the program, download our guide


Evs in Kamnik, Slovenia

CIRIUS Kamnik (Center for rehabilitation, education and training) is a public institution, specialised for education and wholesome training of children and youngsters who are physically handicapped or have other various longterm illnesses. We offer a range of opportunities for youngsters to live a full and dynamic life beside offering them Educational and Training courses. We offer primary school and secondary school programs, special program of education, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical services and health care. Volunteers can be included in following activities: - organizing and implementing different activities for children and youngsters - presenting their country and culture - teaching basics of their language - helping with the organization of projects on local and international level - helping with sport activities and competitions, school garden, healthy life-style activities, different international projects - developing their own ideas.

Evs in Pomiechówek, Poland

Pomiechówek Commune has around 9000 inhabitants whereas Pomiechówek village itself around 3000. Culture Centre of Pomiechowek Commune, called PomPA, propagates and creates culture for and with the inhabitants of the commune. It organizes art, music and theatre classes and events for inhabitants and visitors of Pomiechowek Commune and work with people from 1 to 100 years old. The role of the volunteer is to add intercultural dimension to PomPA's activities as well as bring new ideas and initatives. Volunteer’s activities: organizing intercultural and creative activities at events for children, youth, adults and seniors organized by PomPA / organize and run intercultural and creative activities for the youngest children and youth / help with regular activities: technical support, assisting, taking pictures. The work is based a lot on the calendar of events which means there are very busy periods interchanged with calm ones. In the summer there is possibility to run a workcamp as a leader

Evs in Greifswald, Germany

Turbina Pomerania is an initiative for international and cross-border voluntary service based in Greifswald, Germany. We want to change the world and start with voluntary service. We want to support the civil society by building a network between hosting organisations in the fields of social, cultural and ecological work. We support and encourage young people to spend one year as a volunteer, support their projects and the local community as well as learn valuable things about themselves. At the moment the focus of our work is on Human Rights.

Evs in Broût-Vernet, France

AVAILABLE ONLY FOR PARTICIPANTS FROM THE EU AND EEA !!! The volunteer will work in Social Center “La MAGIC”, in Brout-Vernet (Allier department, Auvergne). His/her missions will be the following: - Promoting European mobility among local youngsters (the volunteer will be in charge of creating pedagogical activities, organizing events, sharing experiences during different meetings). - Assisting youngsters in the preparation and realization of a European youth exchange. - Accompanying a group of inhabitants in the creation of a social center in Burkina Faso and helping them to define vectors of cooperation between the centers. For more information about the projet, check our CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Please note that to apply for this project you MUST fill in the APPLICATION FORM:

Evs in Croatia

Project SCD1 will host 12 volunteers, and will last for 61 days (59 activities + 2 travel days), lasting from September 2nd to November 2nd. With this project Eco Center Latinovac will promote sustainable practices and offer cultural, educational and infomative public events to wider community and local high and elementary schools. Voluteers can "learn through doing" and develop public speaking, natural construction, gardening, vegetarian cuisine and to learn the theory about permaculture and sustainability. Topics of the project are: promotion and education in permaculture (demonstrational, theoretical and practical), intercultural exchange (both for the wider community and for project participants), Fall festival and promotion ESC conference in Pozega. Volunteers will have a chance to develop their own personal projects as well. As always, projects in Latinovac offer a taste of rural communal living, which is why, year after year, we have volunteers coming back for more.

Evs in Panciu, Romania

The project „Mind the Solidarity” will include volunteers form different EU countries; according to their interests/competences they could be involved in different socio-educational activities in Panciu (Judet Vrancea): - at the Daily Centre Pinocchio with children (3-16 y.o.); - at the Kindergarden nr. 1 of with children 3-6 y.o.; - at the Documentation and Information Centre of the "Ioan Slavici" Theoretical High School; - at the Social Residential Centre for elderly people. - at the Family Modules for orphans minors in Panciu.

Evs in Dinamarca

The Human Rights Cafe is a space for volunteers and young people to become active global and European citizens by transforming issues of local and global importance to concrete action and change-making. For 5 months in Helsingør, Denmark, two young volunteers will do volunteer work in order to gain work experience in the fields of youth work, active citizenship and non formal education, environment and climate change, event making, facilitation and conducting workshops on human rights, global citizenship, intercultural communication and lifelong learning while they enhance their personal and professional development and empowerment, giving them abilities in areas that will make them well-prepared for their future lives and enhancing their employability.

Evs in Portugal

The goals of the Project are: 1 – Foster an active participation of young people in the society in general and in the work market in particular; 2 – Promote diversity, understanding of other cultures and countries and the European identity; 3 – Produce results of learning in the volunteers through new knowledge, skills and language competencies that will make possible their personal and professional development; 4 – Promote opportunities for the hosting organizations to strengthen partnerships and increase their capabilities, attractive power and international dimension; 5 – Raise awareness about volunteering’s value; 6 – Celebrate locally the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.

Evs in Lithuania

The club is a perfect space for young people from 4 to 29 years old. Its friendly and professional mentors as well as administrating team are always there to help young people to develop their artistic abilities, discover enhancing projects (both national and international) and explore various means of self-expression. ''Satrija'' offers its members an opportunity to participate in various activities ranging from dance, music, art, theatre, to foreign languages, martial arts, chess or yoga. Club's vision is a modern and effective institution of non-formal education designed for children, youth and families.

Evs in Francia

Le volontaire sera accueilli dans l’objectif principal de favoriser la sensibilisation à l’Europe et à la diversité des cultures, des jeunes de la MFR, et par ce biais de renforcer leur sentiment d’appartenance à l’Europe et leur citoyenneté européenne. Les activités et les interventions du volontaire promouvront la connaissance de l’autre, le respect des différences, la curiosité et la compréhension interculturelle chez les publics cibles et chez le volontaire. Une partie des activités se déroulera au sein de la MFR, et seront intégrés à sa vie quotidienne (lors des cours, des veillées…). Le volontaire sera aussi impliqué dans des temps forts de la vie de l’association : les Portes Ouvertes en janvier et mars, les Commissions Vie Résidentielle, l’Assemblée Générale en décembre et la Semaine de la mobilité en novembre. Ainsi il aura comme mission de donner plus de place à l’Europe dans la vie de la MFR.

Evs in Slovenia

Športni in mladinski center Piran, Mladinski EPI center Piran is a youth center, established by the municipality of Piran. The center operates in two locations in the slovenian coast - in Piran and in Lucija. The youth center aims to provide young people living or going to school in the Municipality of Piran with the following:a safe place where they can spend their free time, organized extracurricular activities (theatre, language clubs, arts etc.), support and guidance,  help with homework and studying,  international youth exchanges,  volunteering opportunities,  career orientation activities and more. Both youth centers are open from Monday to Friday in the afternoon (except on public holidays). During the summer (and other school holidays), we organize activities for children aged 6 to 10 years old in the form of a «day camp». MORE INFO AND APPLICATION PROCEDURE:

Evs in UK

The Crescent is a vibrant community arts centre & cultural hub where everyone can experience the power of the arts & develop their creativity. We provide opportunities for people to meet, be inspired, experience & participate in a wide range of art forms & our offering is simple: each week we have a host of live events & offer a diverse learning programme. Please see below & our website for further information. The Volunteer will mainly be supporting the Marketing Officer but will also have an opportunity to experience many aspects of the functions required to run a busy & successful multi-disciplined arts centre including box office, front of house, programming, events & festivals & will benefit from a tailored programme that will aim to take account of the volunteers own skills & interests.

Evs Reggio in Germany

The kinderhouse Salzwedel is a Day Nursery offering education and child care in English and German for children aged between 10 months and school entry age. Its pedagogy is based on the Reggio pedagogy. Regular activities for the children include activities in the atelier, excursions outside, sports or playing games. Working in the kinderhouse Salzwedel will give you a valuable insight in the running of a bilingual kindergarten. Tasks for volunteers may include caretaking of the children, accompany events and trips and supporting the children in their daily tasks.

Evs in Savona Italia

VOLUNTEERING activity: With this kind of activity six volunteers from SPAIN, FRANCE, PORTUGAL,HUNGARY and NORWAY will be hosted in Savona, in a large apartment, for a Long term project (duration12 months). START DATE of the activities planned for MAY/JUNE 2019. The FOCUS of the project will be the involvement of volunteers in the educative activities and thematic laboratories offered for free to minors and young people attending the following centers and Playrooms near Savona:Youthclub "Centro Ragazzi " of Albisola, the Ludoteca Playroom “Il cappellaio Matto" by Vado Ligure and the municipal playroom "I treni a vapore" of Finale Ligure, the Arbaxia Ludoteca in Spotorno. The volunteers will be involved in activities of animation and socializing through the game and recreational activities-sports and oriented to social inclusion.Volunteers will support educators by devising and realizing solidarity actions such as involvement and facilitation in the participation of foreign minors.

Positive vibes in Poland

The main objective of the activities is to support young people with fewer opportunities, give them a new opportunity for development, the necessary tools to find themselves in the labor market / e.g. flexibility and readiness for quick changes and decisions, ability to use foreign languages.EVS project in Poland assumes an animation of free time children and young people from Leszno and promotion of foreign cultures and ideas for volunteering,. As during two months we will have winter holidays and many schools events - volunteers will be involved in organising activities for kids/youth during that time. EVS volunteers themselves will be able to share their passions and learn new social skills.

Nonformal enligts rural in Romania

The project aims at developing the intercultural competences of the 6 volunteers from Austria, Ukraine, Greece for 6 months through non-formal educational activities aimed at improving communication in English and developing social competences for students from the secondary schools in Valcea County. The project contain the following activities: Weekly meetings with the coordinator Workshops in rural schools on the development of English communication and interculturality Media activities (update the project page with the activities, personal blog, promoting the events online and offline) Workshops about interculturality, European youth projects, language clubs

School for self determined in Germany

Freie Schule Brigach was founded in 2006. Now, about 30 children - age 6 to 16 - attend the school. The educational concept meets the requirements of curriculums at state schools. The concept of the school is not combined to any ideology or religious confession. In our educational center is the individual child with his or her strenghts and skills. It is characteristic for our school to teach in open classes and the groups are mixed of age. Children experience democracy, which offers freedom and limits, individuality and community. The teachers role is to give input and advices, to support children on their own way of learning. The heart of our concept is the children's self-responsibility. Children are taught to work independently. Volunteer' activities: assitance during class, supporting pupils and students at excursions and outings, initiating own workshops and projects. (sport, culture, craft, etc.) participating in the cevelopment of a school concept.

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