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News published in January 2020
  • Wednesday, 29
  • Roccantica

    Evs in Roccantica ,Italy

    ALA Associazione Liberi Artigiani – organization active since 2009, work to develop educational framework and workshop for adults, youths. The methodology use, and the educational approach mix non formal methods, art, creativity, and outdoor practices.

    The aim of the organization is to promote social inclusion, active citizenship, respect and protect environment.

    The mission is to support the creation of future citizen aware and critics, able to express their will and thinking, to exchange opinions, and chose a life style respectful of environment and resources. The organization work at national and international level and cooperate with public bodies, schools and NGOct description.

  • Scottish Wildlife

    Evs in Edinburgh,Scotland

    We will recruit 10 long term volunteers for 12 month placements from 4 countries (Spain,France, Germany, Hungary).
    Our project will improve your knowledge,skills and employability in the environmental sector.
    You will visit different parts of Scotland and will experience cultural life in Scotland.
    We offer opportunities for blogs and use of social media to share your experiences.

  • Thursday, 9
  • Castle Douglas

    Evs in Castle Douglas, United Kingdom

    This project will work with 10 EVS volunteers from 4 countries (Spain, France, Hungary, Germany) in protecting biodiversity on our nature reserves, broadening experience by offering the opportunity to work on and experience a broad range of habitats across Scotland. Volunteers will also be involved in enhancing access opportunities and raising awareness of Scotland's natural heritage, thus protecting biodiversity by encouraging local communities to value and conserve their local natural resources. We aim to make volunteers much more employable by providing 12 month placements with varied work experience and training. Examples of activities will be: - Meadow management - targeted cutting and raking of site, control of bracken - Control of non-native invasive species – cutting & hand pulling - Peat bog management - removal of scrub and including installation of plastic dams - Woodland management and restructuring - removal of non native species, felling of timber

  • Newbridge

    Evs in Newbridge ,Ireland

    his solidarity project aims to give volunteers in-depth experience of using drama to explore issues with young people. We run a youth theatre for those aged 11years to 24 years. It also aims to provide a training and learning space for volunteers to practice drama facilitation, acting, running a youth theatre project, and managing a theatre company. The volunteers will shadow experienced drama facilitators in their work; plan and implement their own drama and/or film projects with our youth theatre; take part, if they wish, in productions along-side their peers; and receive one-to-one mentoring support. One of the main aims of our project is to create space for volunteers' personal and social development. Developing new skills we hope they will have higher chances of employment in the future. Our project's focus on social inclusion and equal opportunities for young people, as all our groups are mixed in terms of gender, social, economic and cultural backgrounds

  • Strasbourg

    Evs in Strasbourg

    Project description

    Supported by ICE-RF, the "Foyer de l'Enfance" of Strasbourg wants to host volunteers in its structure. This experience will give the opportunity to the volunteer to get engaged in a project, to contribute to his/her French level, give him/her autonomy and independence, a maturity in her/his personal and professional life. The "Foyer de l'Enfance" is the only establishment in the "Bas-Rhin" (Elsass) open 24h / day, 365 days / year, which is ready to welcome all situations of ill-treated children, in pain, teenagers in difficulties, mother in precarious situation. The "Foyer de l'Enfance’s" greatest missions are : - to welcome in emergency, night and day - to ensure a following of the child and his parents for a work on the familial ties - the evaluation of a family return possibilities with educative following, research of alternatives solutions - to work in partnership with the entire social, legal, medical and educative structures.

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