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We want to boost the European Solidarity Corps program and promote the value of Solidarity and mutual respect through the involvement of two volunteers in our project MeDoV, acronym of Meet Up: Discover our Values through Volunteering. MeDoV aims to give our contribution to promote the value of Solidarity for a multicultural, open and fairer society involving volunteers in the activities of Convent Centre, making a difference and letting them have a real impact on our community. of Amantea. By implementing MeDoV with its four well-defined high-quality solidarity activities, we will achieve our goal which is to involve all levels of society, all ages in order to increase the impact and results of the project. Our designed activities are: #FunLab - Multilingual Lab, Il Salotto di Convent - Sharing Stories, Walk Together, Convent Periodiko. Different and more activities can be added by the volunteers.


Accommodation and food are covered by the project. Volunteers will be hosted in fully renovated and furnished apartment with two individual bedrooms, shared living, kitchen and toilet. Food allowance (150,00 euro per month) and pocket money (5,00 euro per day) will be covered by the project. No need to transport arrangement.


- Training pre and on-arrival will be done by Convent Centre; - Training and support from supporting organization and our National Agency will be done; - Online Italian language course will be guaranteed before arrival - Italian course on site will be done by Convent Centre - mentoring, supporting and final evaluation will be done -


Our participants will be motivated youngsters aged 18-35 who are curious about a new country, a new culture, a new language and a new way to manage a partnership. They wish and need to learn and gain the best from the experiences we can deliver. Participants like to travel and explore different places and cultures. Participants who have even a small experience in working in team even if we will do together many team-building activities will be very much appreciated. Our volunteers are young people that definitely like kids and their energy.

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