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Hastekasen Farm Association is a small community of small scale farmers and builders Gardening, small scale farming, living on the countryside (Permaculture). Building with natural methods. LARP. Adventure and lots of nature. Simple low standard living. Looking for self motivated, participants with work ethics and the ability to take responsibility with an interest of developing leadership skills. The work is obligatory and is very practical - if you have no prior experience of using your mind and hands and body in PRACTICAL situations - don´t apply. We want a good match that benefits: you, the host, EU. The activities that we do here must have a link to what you HAVE been doing in your life, as well as what you want to do in the FUTURE. "Nature protection" means that you will have to live with less resources, lower standard. A miserable life according to many. "Employability" basically means that you will have to get up in the morning and take responsibility.


Since this is an intentional community and you will be living as member in the middle of it, we basically decide what you can do during your private free time. Our lifestyle includes: simple accommodation (mice, ants, spiders e t c, sometimes cold). Limited amount pf shower and laundry. Restricted food choices (no meat, very little sugar). NO SMOKING. Leave your mobil in your room! No wifi. Secluded / far from shopping. 5 km from bus station. Health/wellbeing, means that you will be challenged to work with your body many hours a day. You will be trained to be mentally strong.


Learning will be non formal and sometimes informal. Your enthusiasm is needed for learning to happen. There is about 10-30 people staying here including visitors and volunteers, depending on season. The ONLY way to be considered for this position is for you to write a: 1) personal letter that shows that you have read the LINKS supplied here, especially the link with all the questions. Just clicking APPLY will NOT work. It will just show that you have not read this text properly. -


You are interested in living simple close to nature in a rural environment far from cities. You would like to learn about nature and care for environment (by consuming less) You are interested in healthy living, avoiding addictions (internet, nicotine, alcohol e t c). Mostly eating vegetarian. You are interested in doing gardening and forestry work. You are able to live in a community/family and do your share of household work. You would like to explore your own ideas/creativity within the topics. Only from: Austria (Tirol), Spain , France, Poland, Hungary, Ukraina, Russia, Egypt.

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